Washington D.C. Travel Diary

I have been on the longest blog hiatus of my life! I am so sorry for all the people who love to read my blog and see what i’m up to, especially the ones overseas. Hopefully, you have all been keeping up to date on my Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat! This blog post is well overdue since it’s been over a week since my trip to D.C. I had a blast guys! Kekoa and I have been planning for months to travel to another state or city. We finally put those plans to fruition, and this is the product! Took only three hours to get there, a lot of the attractions are free, and the food was pretty great. Such a great weekend getaway.

Btw, we visited the weekend before the election! We HAD to visit the capitol while Obama was still in office!fullsizerender-1fullsizerenderProcessed with VSCO with s3 preset

Also, another one off the list:

☑ Ride a subway for the first time

The underground transportation there in D.C. was super fast and cheap! Definitely our favorite way to get around to all of the attractions.


Processed with VSCO with s3 preset



As I say everytime, thank you my love for taking me to this beautiful place. You’re my favorite traveling partner and I can’t wait to travel the world with you. To my viewers, please keep an eye open for more blog posts in the near future. Just a million more papers to write, and i’ll be done with semester! Be patient with me! Everyone have a great day today and make sure to comment your favorite place to travel. See y’all soon!


Virginia Weekend Travel Diary

I can’t believe this summer trip has come to an end. I am so fortunate to spend as much time as I do with my boyfriend. I swear I cherish every minute of it! He lives miles and miles away, and has an underway schedule that is terribly hard to work around some times. The flights are always full or almost full as well! Sometimes, we feel like all forces are against us being together but weekends like this one make those thoughts disappear instantly. We had a great time this weekend and actually had a lot of firsts:

  • First time hiking
  • First double-date
  • First full meal cooked together


We had a very laid-back six days and tried to focus on spending as much time as we could together! A lot of Lost marathons I can tell you that. We also tried a new place to eat called Alkaline, which as you can see from the pictures has Ramen and other Asian fusion meals. Definitely a must try if you’re ever in the area! Like the true water babies, we spent most of the time at Virginia beach and the beach inside of First Landing State Park. You can’t see this anywhere in my photo diary, BUT we also spent a lot of time working out together and playing Pokémon. As always, I am able to get closer and closer to my love when I visit Virginia. Our relationship strengthens as we get to know more about each other. And for that, I am always so grateful to spend time with him in the place he… and I… call home. For sure ready for our next adventure together, which will be roughly in September so make sure to check-in! What do you guys like to do with your boyfriend or girlfriend? Leave it in the comments!


Salty Soft-Serve

A few weekends ago, my love and I visited Virginia Beach. This time to swim! Finally, the weather in VB was hot enough to spend some time in the water. So, after the Atlantic Ocean sucked all of our energy out of our bodies, we ended the day with local soft serve on the boardwalk. I had the banana soft serve with of course… rainbow sprinkles because what is ice cream without sprinkles?

This afternoon snack ended up checking off one more task off of “The List”

☑ Eat an ice cream cone on a beach 

To see more things that are on my bucket list… check out “The List” tab on my top dropdown bar or click the link. I’ve surprisingly been getting A LOT crossed off so yay for completing my goal!

What a hottie right? Overall, this weekend was by far the best weekend we’ve spent together! Even though we were pretty pressed for time, we made up for it with well-needed, quality time. Thank you my love for all that you do for us, and our relationship. I love you!

Be prepared for more blog posts! I have a bunch planned for y’all!

Adventure Park | Virginia Beach, VA

Had a fun-filled early birthday weekend in Virginia with my love! Kekoa went above and beyond to try to plan mini-dates for each day I was there. For example, one day was a dinner and a movie, another day was a day at the beach, etc. This day specifically was devoted to Adventure Park in Virginia Beach! For a while Kekoa and I have talked about going to a place like this or at least finding something outdoors and active to do together (since a lot of our time is spent eating and sleeping when we’re with each other lol).

In a nutshell, Adventure Park is a harness and line obstacle course that varies in difficulty by paths. Kekoa and I attempted the three hardest courses of the park! I successfully completed, the first two and half of the absolute hardest course and of course, Kekoa successfully completed all three. Next time, I hope to finish the hardest course there is at the park!

The park allowed us to climb, propel, bungee, and other aerial activities – one of the which being zip lining! So, one more thing off of my list:

☑ Try zip lining

It was amazing! One thing that I really didn’t expect was being self harnessed and then zip lining on my own work. Added just a little bit of recklessness in the act! The view was great when I zip lined across the forest and over the water. It was even greater that I was right behind my love when experiencing it.

Overall, there was a lot of focus on physical strength, balance, and strategy in the activities. When my physical strength lacked, I learned to slow down and use things like my balance and mind to help me. Remember…

“Your speed doesn’t matter, foward is foward.”

I feel like it was great to use my brain for things like that rather than school work. It was a well needed break and a good workout for the day! Also, Kekoa and I exercised a lot of trust and things like that that day; so, of course it benefited us and allowed us to try something new together. I was definitely pushed to my limits on these courses, so thank you my love for taking me there this weekend!  Just another thing out of millions to love about you!


After our three hour pass was up, we finished with a beach side dinner with dessert. Such a great day, and the little obstacles to overcome just made it better. I love little opportunities to learn, and the day did just that.

Praise Even Through the Storm

Today I just got over an extremely stressful school day. I found that college is just filled with days that you hope you can accomplish or “pull off.” After three years, I finally figured the common theme. With assignments due left and right and a test that evoked severe anxiety, the day was just viewed as “something I needed to get done.” Once the tests were submitted, the assignments were handed in, and the stress lowered, I rushed to the airport to catch the flight I am on currently. Finally some relaxation. Even with the sudden burst of peace of the mind, I still remain in semi-anxiety mode by:

  • The assignment I need to submit as soon as I land
  • The scholarship that will be reviewed in a few hours
  • A phone-interview for the lead position at the store I work tomorrow

“Is that what you call relaxation Jordyn?” Well yes, it is. Working hard is the only way I know, so please do not mock me for my insane mindset. Stress is always an understatement it seems like, but about 30-minutes ago, I was hit with a wave of thankful thinking.

For a few months now, I have been taking the time in between sitting down in my seat on the airplane to reaching the maximum cruise altitude as a time of meditation and praise. If you check my Apple Music, I have a few of my favorite worship songs loaded onto my phone for offline playing.

If you were wondering, here is the list:

  1. Open Heaven by Hillsong
  2. Everything by Lifehouse
  3. Closer Than You Know by Hillsong
  4. Open Heaven by Jesus Culture
  5. Praises (Be Lifted High) by Josh Baldwin

I blast my worship music and either stare at the window or close my eyes. I found that this time that I take to do this not only calms my mind as I start my plane ride, but it also just resets my faith for the day. Especially with the stress I have been experiencing, I tend to lose my focus on God and my determination to be as Christ-like as possible. Moments like these are normal for me. I love to take time for Him. Honestly the moments of meditation move me and inspire me. Like right now, I always find myself finding realizations that I need.

The first picture is of the plane in the clouds. To me, clouds represent wonder, thinking, happiness, and elevation. At the moment the picture was taken, I was listening to Everything by Lifehouse. This song holds such a place in heart because it was the song I became in love with at the time where my faith was renewed. While listening, I was stuck by the words

“How can I stand here with you and not be moved by you.”


“You hold me in your hands, you won’t let me fall.”

In the clouds, I believe, you are relatively closer to God than many others at the time. You are raised thousands of feet off the ground when in the clouds. I realized that even though I wasn’t necessarily standing there with him, I was close so why not use that closeness as way to be moved. This began my thought process.

The second picture is the beautiful sunset that I was graced with as we were reaching our cruise altitude. I have been traveling my entire life and cannot even begin to count the amount of plane rides I have taken in my almost nineteen years of life. Only recently, though, I have found a new found appreciation for the wonders of flying thousands of miles in the air in “super speed.” One of the greatest sights in my eyes is the sunset. Sunsets change each day and are different in each place you are in, but still beautiful every time. Seeing the sunset tonight reminded me of the wondrous creations of my God. Wow, I am so blessed. The world is beautiful. To think that a God who created such a beautiful world was so gracious enough to take time to call me by name and create me. Purposely me. Amazing.

The last picture is a screenshot of a video of lightning strikes from above the clouds. I am sure I have seen lightning in this way before, but I was completely loss of words by the sudden bursts of light in the dark, grey clouds. Lightning is something that many people fear of being close to. For my flight, the storm underneath us caused turbulence for a while and shook the plane. There are a lot of negative connotations with lighting as well in literature. Why is lighting seen as bad? This is gorgeous and not to mention so interesting to watch. The lighting reminded me that even the storm we were traveling through was beautiful, which related to the stress I have been struggling with. Yes, my day was a bit difficult and nerve-wrecking, but there was so much beauty that happened throughout and after the storm:

I completed everything I needed to complete today.

I sat in one of my classes, surrounded with five new friends. They greeted me with such kindness as they do every time.

I am ON A PLANE to spend a well-needed weekend with the man that I love.

I am now able to catch up on my TV shows, write on my blog, edit my upcoming video, and overall become more creative again.

I have a family that supports me and my life decisions.

I am thankful, so very thankful. I thank God for everything he has blessed me with. Without him, my view on the world wouldn’t be so optimistic, my weaknesses would never turn into strengths, my hope would be lost, and I for sure would not be granted so many things that I feel that I sometimes do not deserve. With him, my worry and my stress are gone. No matter how many things I have to stress over, I am trying my hardest to every second choose to not let it get to me. My problems are not bigger than my God. My problems ARE NOT even close to being bigger than my God. Because of his unfailing love, I am able to see the world with such beauty. At this very second, especially since I am a few thousands feet off the ground, heaven is closer than I know.

Just a Little Reflection

“I’m telling you, being loved by you is probably the greatest thing in the world.”

By far, this was the best thing anyone has EVER said to me. Before this, I did not truly appreciate how great it is for someone to love your love. How great is that? Loving is my ultimate key to happiness and what I wish to implement my love in my everyday for asEdit long as I can. I take the love that I give seriously and constantly work on giving more love to the people that are important in my life. With this, I was beyond flattered and slightly surprised. The greatest thing in the world? You sure? But with some proper convincing a few unspoken reassurances, I realized that there is someone who thinks that being loved by me is the greatest feeling the world. It fills my heart with warmth to know that. I have done my job.

Long Distance Q&A ft. My Love

These are questions that are either frequently asked or are things that I feel that could help long distance couples. Have a read!

How do you do it?

Jordyn: This is the big, popular question! I find that Kekoa and I are really blessed to have such a strong bond and connection early on in our relationship. One aspect we both strive to master is COMMUNICATION. Everyday that we can, we end our day talking to each other, even FaceTiming all night! Another thing we always work on is minimizing any negative activity. We try our hardest to focus on the love that we have and expressing our love. We try to not engage in daily unimportant arguments. Just a lot of showing love and giving support to each other. 

Kekoa: Well it sure isn’t an easy thing to do, but i don’t mind doing it at all. Why? Because i love her and i’ll do whatever I possibly can to make this work. Probably the biggest struggle with having a long distance relationship is being able to communicate. Since we live in different time zones and we are both busy people, it’s really hard to talk to each other as much as we would like to, but we do what we gotta do and improvise. We make sure atleast we text each other throughout our day and call each other whenever we have the chance. Usually at the end of the day when we both are done with work and school is when we have time to FaceTime for the rest of our day. Another thing that is difficult for a LDR is I can’t see her whenever I want, which makes it especially hard if I’m feeling down or if we get into an argument I can’t be next to her or be able to comfort her. All you really have are your words to make things better.

What are the struggles that come with having our long distance relationship, specifically a military long distance relationship?

Jordyn: I think just the hardship of not being there physically. Both Kekoa and I have bad days believe it or not, and when those days happen, all we want is each other and just a hug and a kiss on the forehead. As for the military and our relationship in terms of that, visiting each other and the lack of time are the big ones. This year especially, there will be a lot of time where his ship will go out to sea, which limits the weekends we can visit each other. In addition, he only has a certain amount of leave days to take. The time is limited because of his long work hours and just exhaustion on him, which I try my very hardest to be understanding to.  

Kekoa: For me, since I’m always out to sea, I can’t talk to her sometimes days at a time and the only way we really communicate is through emails, and the occasional phone calls. Also, since with the military I can’t just take off whenever i want to go home, we don’t get to see each other often. Fortunately though,for me, that’s not too much of a problem and we aim to see each other atleast once a month. Probably the worst thing about it, is that I miss out on a lot of important things that happen in her life. For example, I missed her birthday, prom, and her graduation all due to me being on deployment. During that time, I was feeling down knowing that I wouldn’t be able to share those special days with her and still makes me sad till this day.

What are the benefits of our long distance relationship?

Jordyn: There are so many. What I specifically love is the fact that we can work on ourselves and have lives apart from each other as well. I love love love spending time with him. I also, however, value relationships that are more of a working team than ones who rely on each other for everything. I am currently working on my degree and Kekoa is focusing on work as well as his education. This stage in our lives is crucial, so the focus needs to be devoted to our obligations. This will allow us to also better ourselves as people. Oh! We also value our communication and the time that we have with each other more since it is often limited. 

Kekoa: Biggest benefit for this LDR is that we always have something to look forward to. I’m constantly counting down the days till I’ll be able to see her again and I still get that same excitement that I’ve had since our first date together. Whenever we see each other it’s as if we never left, and we pick up right where we left off and thats what I love the most. It’s like we aren’t even in a long distance and we spend those time together like a regular couple. I do feel though, although it might not always be true with other couples, that the distance just makes our love for each other stronger. We know that we don’t have a lot of time with each other, so we make every minute we have count. Also, when we aren’t with each other we try our hardest to make sure that we both still feel like the love is still there.

What makes you want to go on with your long distance relationship with (him/her)?

Jordyn: Kekoa is so patient and understanding. He really tries his hardest to make an effort with our relationship and building our relationship. He loses sleep sometimes to talk to me, he never goes a day or conversation without an ” i love you,” and he most importantly gets me out of my “negative funk” when things get hard. He encourages me and helps me when I need him.  I also know that our long distance is only temporary and that what will come in the future will for sure be worth it. He makes it all worth it! I can’t even begin to explain the love that Kekoa gives me. I’ve never felt like this with anyone and I have never been this comfortable with a person in my life. I can share everything with him and he will love me without hesitating. I can’t thank him enough for that.  

Kekoa: I love her. I truly, deeply love this girl. There’s nothing more I want, yeah it does get really hard sometimes. Nothing in life worth having comes easy though and this is definitely worth having. The thought of a future together, once I’m out of the military, or even if i stay in and get married. Just the thought of being able to come home to her at the end of the day is enough for to want to go through with the relationship cause i know that day will come.

Ohh and one that has come up recently that people want to know about…

I see the promise ring. Why? 

Jordyn:  Why not?  All jokes aside though, I am so in love with him. From when we started going on dates, before we committed to a relationship, we always would mention and talk about marriage and family. I think we always thought of each other in that way when we started to develop feelings for each other. With this promise ring, we both are basically saying “we are not ready for marriage, but we know for sure that we want to marry each other.” With marriage comes a lot of things that we both want like financial stability, a stronger bond with each other pertaining to faith, educational goals reached or pursued, etc. We are certain on each other, but we also accept that these factors are things we would love to focus on before making the overall commitment. It would only help us with our relationship in the future.    

Kekoa: I give her the promise ring because I want her to know that I’m 100% committed to all of this, this is what I want, I want her, and I’m going to prove to her that this is what I want. It’s something to show that I will be faithful through it all and that my loyalty is with her. yeah, some people think that you don’t need a ring to be all those things that I just stated, and they’re right. It’s just something that will all the more give her reassurance that she needs, and always a reminder that I’m in it for the long run.

Okay every one give their love to Kekoa for helping me with this post! He gets MAJOR boyfriend points for this one. I hope this helps all the people in a LDR, especially a military LDR, and gives a little encouragement to you guys that it can work. Other than that, you guys have a great week! 

Atlanta SightSEA-ing

WEEK IN PHOTOS (1/8-1/14)

This week was all about the road trip! Below this will be photos from the road trip that I did not put in the last blog post. I had a blast this past week and saw amazing things with the person I love. How cool right? Wish me luck next week as I tackle on my first week of Spring Semester and try to get back to normalcy. Winter break flew by, but I know this semester will probably fly by as well. And after that, Junior Year of college!