3 New Changes In My Life

I love starting over. Life is way too short to dwell on something you are not completely happy with. If you find your style or your preference changing, then why not change the world around you to fit your new style? I try to keep this mindset. It does not have to be expensive nor time-consuming to make a change either. Here are a few little changes that I have been incorporating into my life.


Goodbye Hi-Def Instagram Pictures

By the end of summer, I was sick and tired of maintaining a difficult Instagram “theme.” I only posted pictures from my G7X, and I always refused to post photos because it was unlike the last photos I posted. There were so many events and beautiful pictures I refrained from posting just to fit my look. There were even times where I felt like I couldn’t post because the photo was not taken with a camera. I would post pictures of silly salad wraps or pictures from months ago just to make my Instagram appealing to the eye. How pointless is that? My blog, my Instagram, and all my social medias should be used for documenting great moments and feelings in my life, right? It shouldn’t be about it looking like a professional photography page!

Now ▷ I use VSCOcam as my main photo editor and I am no longer scared of posting dark photos! I never could post night pictures, but now I can and I love it. I also try to put my feelings into my Instagram captions. I want to show people my heart in my Instagram from now on.

Trying in My Wardrobe

When I shop, I always went with what looked good and what was safe. I never wanted to try new things because I thought others would judge me if I went to outside the normal style. I also for some reason never wanted to look too fashionable. Weird, right? I just feel like my style is so basic and needs some change. Plus, I want to dress well for my body type. I feel like I wear everything a bit baggy and that bothers me now.

Now ▷ I have bought a few interesting pieces already! My first few pieces included a bodysuit, a few chokers and accessories, a denim jacket, and a bodycon dress. For every piece I have bought, I am also throwing out or donating an existing piece from my closet. Hopefully you’ll start to see a change in the next year! Would you guys be interested in an Outfit of the Week post? Please enjoy a picture of the cutest dainty necklace I added to my collection recently.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

New Job, New Mindset!

Probably the best change of them all. I love retail, don’t get me wrong. I just needed a new job that would help me with my future career. It is my goal to have a job aligned by the time I graduate with my Bachelor’s degree. I can’t enter into a salary job with just retail experience guys! Teaching is in high demand where I live, and the job placement rate in my program is pretty great.  I don’t want to use those things as a reason for me to slack off. I want all forces pointing to my success.

Now ▷ After a long summer of job hunting and applying to places, I finally found a suitor. I can’t really disclose a name of company due to privacy reasons. However, I can tell you that I am working for a nonprofit that allows me to teach an afterschool program at local schools in the area. How cool right? This is a picture of a piece of artwork in my office building, so this will have to represent my new job until I get started with teaching.

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Back to School Supplies Haul

It’s August and you know what that means! School. With each year that passes, I get less and less motivated to start the school season. The sleepless nights, the countless hours of studying, and the stress of it all awaiting takes away all of my excitement sadly. What keeps my motivation up in college is… you guess it… school supplies! Here’s what I have to start the new semester:


1/2″ Ring Binder: Since I am taking six classes, I want to minimize the amount of supplies that I put in my backpack. It’s a little excessive to create six different notebooks for each class, so I decided to take a chance with a binder. A binder will also allow me to take only what I need when I’m traveling or studying in other places other than school and home during the year!


Dividers and Page Protectors: I think this is essential for my binder! Not only are these binder dividers beautiful, but they will always keep me organized. Oh, and the page protectors will be used to store the syllabus and handouts if there are any!

Durable Composition Notebook: Just because I’m transitioning to the binder life, it doesn’t mean I might have the urge to use a notebook for a certain class! I decided to pick up this inexpensive notebook from Walmart. Just in case! The covers are flexible, so i’m pray for no visible wear and tear at the end of the year.

IMG_1603 (1).jpg

0.38 m Pens Black: Muji is the latest craze in the stationery world! Recently, I asked my aunty to pick me up a few notebooks and the pens just to try. From the first word I wrote, I fell in love. The quality is amazing and the pigmentation of the black is perfect. So ready to use these to perfect my notes. Also, I just decided to pick up the Pilot G2’s in 0.38 to compare. I love them both!


Bullet Journal: What’s an essentials post without a bullet journal, am I right? My bullet journal serves as my planner in this case. I have everything in my bullet journal to my school schedule, to-do lists for each week, a list of all of my assignments for the semester, everything you could think of. I’ll be putting out a blog post on student-friendly bullet journal spreads in the future too.


Headphones: You always need a good pair of headphones when you’re going to school! These helped me with my walks around campus, my visits to the gym, and my lunch breaks.


Zebra Midliner Highlighters: I’m hopping on the bandwagon… these things are amazing! First of all, have you ever seen a gray highlighter as beautiful as this one? I mostly purchased these beauties for my bullet journal, but I know these will come in handy when I’m taking notes.

IMG_1584 (1)

What did you guys buy for the new school season? Leave it in the comments! Junior year of college, here I come!


Semester in Review | Spring 2016

Wow, such a great semester! Granted… I am super glad it’s over and all the finals are done. So for Spring 2016, I decided to move to full time hours again. The semester before was pretty much treated as my “trial semester” or my “adjustment semester” since I had just transitioned to a Tier One university. This is how my grades turned out in the end…

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 4.44.06 PM

God really showed me that I can do anything I put my mind to. This semester, I was overflowed by His abundant grace. When things got difficult, I set my mind on Him.

I realized that it is silly for me to worry. Not only because I know i’m doing everything I can to ace these classes, but also because I know that God already created His plan for me. He knows what is in store for me and will guide me in the way He sees fit. I owe all my accomplishments and welldoings to Him.

Highlights of my semester: 

  • An amazing set of classmates that share the same major and interest as me. I was given great clarity that I chose the field I was destined to be in. These girls showed me that i’m not crazy for fantasizing my bulletin boards in my classroom AND most importantly showed me that this passion for education/children is nothing subtle.
  • A student org that I feel loved in. I decided to jump ship and join a student organization. In the organization I was entered into a “family system” and was immediately welcomed into the community by their kindness. Even though I was not as involved as I would’ve liked to be, I always left with smiles after meetings and events.
  • Leading worship was my escape. After a crazy round of exams, I loved to go to Wednesday nights at my church and lead worship. Even though the teens are younger than me, I am always inspired by their love and devotion to our God. I was able to use that time to reconnect with God and root myself in His love.
  • Development of Self-Regulated Learning. When first approaching this class, I labeled it as a “BS class” or a “Common Sense class.” This class actually was pretty great. I learned more about everything there is to know about time-management, my major, my personality, emotions, you name it. This class provided also a sort of closeness between my classmates and I. We were able to share a lot about our lives and personal struggles. You know that a class was great when the last instruction day ends in a round of applause.
  • Continued support from my family and boyfriend. Everyone knows that the stress of a school semester brings out everything other than my best side. Stress in general just brings a bad side out of me. No matter how crazy I was, my boyfriend and my family always tried to understand AND always tried to calm me down. I appreciate that so much, because with their cooperation, I was able to get through the semester smoothly.

An the end result = A’s. How great! Beside the A’s though, I actually learned a lot of psychology this semester. Now with this added knowledge, I believe I moreso understand why teens do the things they do and how to handle situations in the classroom. Blessed, blessed, blessed. Spring 2016 was tackled, and now let’s hope for the best for Summer 2016!


Baby Steps to Teaching!

Today, I went to a spur of the moment academic advising session in between my classes since I found an opening in my schedule.


I start pre-teaching in the Fall!! Pre-teaching at my university basically means going to schools at least once a week officially as an Education major. I will be able to observe the class and immerse myself into a classroom setting I am interested in. With pre-teaching, however, my credit hour per semester will increase. This means I definitely need to stay on my a-game for the last few semesters of my degree. It won’t be long till I will teach 3 days a week and take end-of-degree methods courses. Heck, it won’t be long till I have a classroom of my own.

I am currently in a three week stress period with school. I have tests after tests, which stresses me out the most. After these three weeks though, my schedule isn’t so hectic for the rest of the semester. This advising session boosted my motivation (since my motivation was decreasing with stress).

Semester Update

Fall semester is finally over at my new college and I am so relieved! This semester was taken as a “transition semester” so that I could adjust to the academic rigor of the college and to living at home again. I decided to take a total of 5 hours for the semester, which is incredibly low compared to my normal 16-17 hours. I found that with my 67 transfer hours, any other classes I would take aside from these two would be a waste of money since I am paying per credit hour and a waste of time. These two classes were demanding and did take a considerably large amount of my time, so I was also glad that I could devote my time to these two.

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 10.32.21 AM

Step 1 – Teaching Science & Math –

This class has such a warm place in my heart. In my past two years of college, I took classes towards a health science degree. I struggled my way through difficult chemistry classes and nonsense core classes, never taking any class towards my major. Step 1, however, provided me a hands-on approach towards my career. I was given the opportunity through this class to not only observe classrooms in my teaching certificate grade range, but also actually teach my students lessons in the curriculum. I loved loved loved that class and definitely would take it again if I could.

Calculus I – 

This class gave me all the worries in the world this semester. Previously, I would never struggle with math classes whatsoever. I found myself devoting days and days to finish a homework assignment or to clearly understand a lesson. No, this Cal class is not a traditional class. I signed up for a theory-based calculus class to help my teaching skills. So in addition to learning simple derivatives of trigonometric functions and quadratics, I would learn the theory and proofs behind them. I would also be tested on the proofs, which is unlike anything I have ever encountered before. I muscles through and earned an A in the class!

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 10.32.32 AM


When you transfer to my university, your previous GPA does not transfer over. At my past college I ended with a 3.96 GPA and now, I can proudly say I “raised” my GPA to a 4.0! Now I am totally ready for the challenges of next semester!