Christmas Around the World

(The Bellagio, Las Vegas)
It is pretty much a family tradition to travel during Christmas time. Many of our Christmas nights are spent on a plane because the flights are always super empty wherever we choose to go. A large portion of my family lived in Hawaii, so that was our go-to destination. This year, however, I have tons of aunties and uncles AND my grandparents living in Texas to celebrate now. I am very excited to spend Christmas with them and celebrate my favorite holiday with my big, loud family. To fill the traveling itch, (even though I probably am flying somewhere by myself after Christmas) I listed a few super cool places to fly to during the joyful season.

Frankfurt, Germany

It seems like Germany is known for their Christmas markets. Just Pinterest “Germany Christmas Markets” and you will go nuts. Speaking of nuts…. the Frankfurt Market has tons of food to purchase while you are practically slapped in the face with Christmas cheer. Nothing screams “I love Christmas” than a Christmas Markets. Even urban districts of Houston have cheery Christmas Markets. Just imagine Germany!

Somerset House, London

I had once had dreams of being an Olympic ice skater, haha. Somerset House, which is known for showcasing many talented artists, holds Skate at Somerset House – a huge ice rink for the public to skate. The museum hosts food vendors, little events and clubs for the kiddos, and Club Nights with live DJ’s a night. What a cool way to spend your holiday season.

Kuwana City, Japan

The Winter Light Festival in Kuwana City uses over 7 million LED lights to create this fabulous tourist attraction. In most large cities in the US,  there are often light festivals happening at the zoo or in town somewhere. Think of your local Zoo Lights times a million and that is what the Winter Light Festival looks like. Imagine what beautiful pictures you could take at this place.

Sao Paolo, Brazil

Let’s turn the lights down a little bit. Sao Paolo has this huge Christmas tree during Christmas time that has 600,000 lights on it. There is also a lighting ceremony that travelers and locals can attend. The lights are animated and can be flashed in tons of different variations. You can celebrate Christmas while diving into the rich Brazilian culture.
Does this give you any ideas? Comment your cool winter destination!

2 thoughts on “Christmas Around the World

  1. All of these ideas fuel my wanderlust!! I was lucky enough to experience a festive season in Frankfurt and Berlin, it was amazing! Those Christmas markets are definitely something else and makes you feel like in one of those Christmas movies. I want to visit London during Christmas one day, it looks and sounds like a perfect place for it 🙂

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me


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