Salty Soft-Serve

A few weekends ago, my love and I visited Virginia Beach. This time to swim! Finally, the weather in VB was hot enough to spend some time in the water. So, after the Atlantic Ocean sucked all of our energy out of our bodies, we ended the day with local soft serve on the boardwalk. I had the banana soft serve with of course… rainbow sprinkles because what is ice cream without sprinkles?

This afternoon snack ended up checking off one more task off of “The List”

☑ Eat an ice cream cone on a beach 

To see more things that are on my bucket list… check out “The List” tab on my top dropdown bar or click the link. I’ve surprisingly been getting A LOT crossed off so yay for completing my goal!

What a hottie right? Overall, this weekend was by far the best weekend we’ve spent together! Even though we were pretty pressed for time, we made up for it with well-needed, quality time. Thank you my love for all that you do for us, and our relationship. I love you!

Be prepared for more blog posts! I have a bunch planned for y’all!


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