Let the Adventures Begin!

Hello, lovelies! If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that I am an avid traveler! I go on trips throughout the United States at least a few times a year. However, I have NEVER left the country. Crazy, right? With my flight benefits and all of the opportunities I am given to go out of the country, I felt like it was about time to file for my passport.


Normally, it takes about six weeks to get your passport in the mail once it is submitted… and after tons of paperwork and consistently checking the mail, I found this beauty!!

☑ Buy/Receive my passport

That means one more thing is checked off of “The List.” Now I feel like I need to travel ahh! I know traveling out of the country is a lot of work and preparation, but I am so excited that more doors are opened now that I have my passport. Let’s see where this takes us (and yes,us, since I will post all of my travel updates on my blog)! Let the adventures begin ✈️


5 thoughts on “Let the Adventures Begin!

  1. I too just got my passport! My fella and I are planning a trip to his home country, England in March. I’m so excited!!
    On a side note, my first response when I received my passport was: Yay! I can travel the country now!— not my finest moment. 😉


  2. Huge travel fan, over here! So excited that you got your passport. I’ve had mine for ages and never use it. This year will end that with my first trip to Europe… ITALY!


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