A Frugal Guide to Eating at the Airport


As I walk around the airport this morning, I am looking at $12 sandwiches and $4 orange juice. Let’s take a minute to process this. Do not get me wrong – if the orange juice life changing, I would buy orange juice for $4. However, the food and drinks are honestly no better than the food you can achieve at home or at the store. That is what is so crazy to me! In order to combat this issue, here are a few tips that I gathered that could be helpful if you find yourself hungry at the airport.
Skip the Drinks, Ask for Water! If that costs money, go to Starbucks.

The goal here is to fill your stomach, not to indulge in soft drinks, wine, juices, smoothies, etc. Instead of ordering a drink with your meal or item, try to ask the cashier for a “cup of water.” If you looking into the case of drinks, you will find water… but a water bottle that costs $4 like the orange juice. From my experience with several kinds of eateries at several different airports, I would say there is a high chance of vendors even charging for a cup of water! If this is the case, you walk yourself to the nearest Starbucks (which should not be a problem if you are at any large airport) and ask for a venti water. Starbucks does not charge for water! Get you some, girl!

If you have time… price check and compare.
Sounds time-consuming, right? The crazy coupon ladies that save $300 on groceries also take some time to do their magic. Keep that in mind! Try to price check similar food items at all of the different vendors in your area. For example, this morning I ordered a blueberry muffin at Einstein Brothers. Later on, after my muffin, I walked to my gate and guess what I found? A cheaper muffin. Rookie mistake, but I am writing this post to help all of you! Price check, price check, price check.
Convenient stores and bookstores are your friends!
Instead of going to a restaurant or a made-to-order vendor, go to the nearest bookstore or convenient store in the airport. You know the ones I am talking about – the store with the books, magazines, Advil, snacks, and tourist items? These stores will have a bigger portion of food for a smaller price. If you are not in the mood for a meal, I HIGHLY HIGHLY suggest making your way to these types of stores for a bag of pretzels or a fruit and nut mix. Does the job and does not make you feel bloated or overwhelmed with a number of things you need to carry on the place.
Prepare snacks AT HOME.
I have no idea why people do not realize this. You are able to take food with you through security guys! Just because the liquids are limited, does not mean the food is limited. You could pick up a large plate a Mexican restaurant and even bring it inside to eat. I personally pack cookies, granola bars, and other snacks to kill the hunger if I am stuck in the plane.
That’s all I have for you guys! Please travel safely!