Practical 2017 Goals List

After years and years of resolutions, I feel like I work better with a list of goals rather than ONE resolution that I consistently have to maintain. That way, when one of the goals is completed I can check it off my list and start working towards the next one. I DO NOT want to be stuck with a list that is so “out there” that I cannot seem to find one goal I can complete. So, this is my “practical” goals list!
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1. Take a SoulCycle class
2. Cook one meal that is completely vegan (even though I LOVE cheese and I LOVE meat)
3. Get my “adult resumé” together Complete an entire year in my Project Life
4. Complete an entire year in my Project LifeGo to a theme park. I miss roller coasters!
5. Go to a theme park. I miss roller coasters!
6. Make BIG progress on my Postcard Project
7. Start creating my family cookbook
8. Visit Austin
9. Find a new TV series to obsess over
10. Take more pictures and videos to document my memories
11. Include more spontaneity into my life
12. Be able to do three pull-ups
13. Try to support more local businesses in my town
14. Write all the way through my current journal instead of buying a new journal before I finish
15. Find a service project for my family, my friend, or my boyfriend to do with me
16. Attend a slam poetry nightKaraoke in China Town
17. Karaoke in China Town
18. Pay for someone behind me in a drive-thru line
19. Go to a drive-in movie
20. Buy something from Urban Outfitters for full price because I always find all of my clothes/knick-knacks in the sale section



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