Adventure Park | Virginia Beach, VA

Had a fun-filled early birthday weekend in Virginia with my love! Kekoa went above and beyond to try to plan mini-dates for each day I was there. For example, one day was a dinner and a movie, another day was a day at the beach, etc. This day specifically was devoted to Adventure Park in Virginia Beach! For a while Kekoa and I have talked about going to a place like this or at least finding something outdoors and active to do together (since a lot of our time is spent eating and sleeping when we’re with each other lol).

In a nutshell, Adventure Park is a harness and line obstacle course that varies in difficulty by paths. Kekoa and I attempted the three hardest courses of the park! I successfully completed, the first two and half of the absolute hardest course and of course, Kekoa successfully completed all three. Next time, I hope to finish the hardest course there is at the park!

The park allowed us to climb, propel, bungee, and other aerial activities – one of the which being zip lining! So, one more thing off of my list:

☑ Try zip lining

It was amazing! One thing that I really didn’t expect was being self harnessed and then zip lining on my own work. Added just a little bit of recklessness in the act! The view was great when I zip lined across the forest and over the water. It was even greater that I was right behind my love when experiencing it.

Overall, there was a lot of focus on physical strength, balance, and strategy in the activities. When my physical strength lacked, I learned to slow down and use things like my balance and mind to help me. Remember…

“Your speed doesn’t matter, foward is foward.”

I feel like it was great to use my brain for things like that rather than school work. It was a well needed break and a good workout for the day! Also, Kekoa and I exercised a lot of trust and things like that that day; so, of course it benefited us and allowed us to try something new together. I was definitely pushed to my limits on these courses, so thank you my love for taking me there this weekend!  Just another thing out of millions to love about you!


After our three hour pass was up, we finished with a beach side dinner with dessert. Such a great day, and the little obstacles to overcome just made it better. I love little opportunities to learn, and the day did just that.


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