I Am Thankful For…

Happy Thanksgiving lovelies! This holiday season was quite a fun experience. I had a BIG Thanksgiving dinner with my family, a last-minute, late-night Black Friday experience, my first Black Friday retail shift, and a lot of heartwarming conversations with the love of my life. This Thanksgiving was all that I could ask for honestly and I hope you all had the same.

In spirits of Thanksgiving, I decided to tell you 15 things I am thankful for. These are things that are beside the conventional “my family, my boyfriend, the food, my life, and so on.”

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I am thankful for…

  • The view and the warm, cozy bed I get to wake up to every morning
  • The goosebumps I feel when the Holy Spirit surrounds me
  • Being able to document the great, wonderful experiences in my life
  • Strawberries and sugar (my favorite snack) 😉
  • Being able to talk to my best friend in South Dakota whenever I want
  • The new fit lifestyle I started this summer. Not totally committed to it, but I am for sure getting there
  • 24K Magic Album that has been in my ears from the day it was released
  • Making 100’s on two papers I totally did not put effort in
  • All of the standby plane seats I luckily sat in this year
  • Being able to reinvent my look by cutting my hair, wearing new clothes, changing my makeup routine
  • Having the luxury to spend a whole sick day watching Netflix in the dark
  • The $38 dollar Kate Spade wallet I hauled to the outlet mall to get. The original price was $119! What a steal!
  • The 9-hour Black Friday shift and the praise I was given after for my hard work
  • Having a loving heart and the people that tell me when they feel it
  • The “aha” faith and life moments I have gotten this year. There have been so many!

3 New Changes In My Life

I love starting over. Life is way too short to dwell on something you are not completely happy with. If you find your style or your preference changing, then why not change the world around you to fit your new style? I try to keep this mindset. It does not have to be expensive nor time-consuming to make a change either. Here are a few little changes that I have been incorporating into my life.


Goodbye Hi-Def Instagram Pictures

By the end of summer, I was sick and tired of maintaining a difficult Instagram “theme.” I only posted pictures from my G7X, and I always refused to post photos because it was unlike the last photos I posted. There were so many events and beautiful pictures I refrained from posting just to fit my look. There were even times where I felt like I couldn’t post because the photo was not taken with a camera. I would post pictures of silly salad wraps or pictures from months ago just to make my Instagram appealing to the eye. How pointless is that? My blog, my Instagram, and all my social medias should be used for documenting great moments and feelings in my life, right? It shouldn’t be about it looking like a professional photography page!

Now ▷ I use VSCOcam as my main photo editor and I am no longer scared of posting dark photos! I never could post night pictures, but now I can and I love it. I also try to put my feelings into my Instagram captions. I want to show people my heart in my Instagram from now on.

Trying in My Wardrobe

When I shop, I always went with what looked good and what was safe. I never wanted to try new things because I thought others would judge me if I went to outside the normal style. I also for some reason never wanted to look too fashionable. Weird, right? I just feel like my style is so basic and needs some change. Plus, I want to dress well for my body type. I feel like I wear everything a bit baggy and that bothers me now.

Now ▷ I have bought a few interesting pieces already! My first few pieces included a bodysuit, a few chokers and accessories, a denim jacket, and a bodycon dress. For every piece I have bought, I am also throwing out or donating an existing piece from my closet. Hopefully you’ll start to see a change in the next year! Would you guys be interested in an Outfit of the Week post? Please enjoy a picture of the cutest dainty necklace I added to my collection recently.

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New Job, New Mindset!

Probably the best change of them all. I love retail, don’t get me wrong. I just needed a new job that would help me with my future career. It is my goal to have a job aligned by the time I graduate with my Bachelor’s degree. I can’t enter into a salary job with just retail experience guys! Teaching is in high demand where I live, and the job placement rate in my program is pretty great.  I don’t want to use those things as a reason for me to slack off. I want all forces pointing to my success.

Now ▷ After a long summer of job hunting and applying to places, I finally found a suitor. I can’t really disclose a name of company due to privacy reasons. However, I can tell you that I am working for a nonprofit that allows me to teach an afterschool program at local schools in the area. How cool right? This is a picture of a piece of artwork in my office building, so this will have to represent my new job until I get started with teaching.

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