Washington D.C. Travel Diary

I have been on the longest blog hiatus of my life! I am so sorry for all the people who love to read my blog and see what i’m up to, especially the ones overseas. Hopefully, you have all been keeping up to date on my Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat! This blog post is well overdue since it’s been over a week since my trip to D.C. I had a blast guys! Kekoa and I have been planning for months to travel to another state or city. We finally put those plans to fruition, and this is the product! Took only three hours to get there, a lot of the attractions are free, and the food was pretty great. Such a great weekend getaway.

Btw, we visited the weekend before the election! We HAD to visit the capitol while Obama was still in office!fullsizerender-1fullsizerenderProcessed with VSCO with s3 preset

Also, another one off the list:

☑ Ride a subway for the first time

The underground transportation there in D.C. was super fast and cheap! Definitely our favorite way to get around to all of the attractions.


Processed with VSCO with s3 preset



As I say everytime, thank you my love for taking me to this beautiful place. You’re my favorite traveling partner and I can’t wait to travel the world with you. To my viewers, please keep an eye open for more blog posts in the near future. Just a million more papers to write, and i’ll be done with semester! Be patient with me! Everyone have a great day today and make sure to comment your favorite place to travel. See y’all soon!


3 thoughts on “Washington D.C. Travel Diary

  1. Erdal & Yuka

    hi beautiful! I’ve been so inactive on my blog but thought I’d drop by 🙂 Love how your blog is looking and these photos made me smileee! Looks like you both had a lovely trip xx

    Love always,


    1. Hi, sweet girl! I’ve been so inactive too, so don’t worry about it. I’m glad you loved the post. It was a really fun trip with a lot of new things to see! Maybe you and Erdal should plan D.C. for your next trip together ❤️ So nice to hear from you! xx


      1. Erdal & Yuka

        I WISHHHH! I’m seeing Erdal in less than 20 days in Italy! We have to meet up one day. If I ever come by to DC you’ll be the first to know. Likewise for you though, if you ever come down to Sydney or Singapore do let me know! How lovely it would be to be able to meet you in real life 🙂 hihi xx


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