A to Z of Me

Hello again, wonderful people! Since I have gotten quite a bit of views and follows over the past few weeks I decided to do another “about me” type of post. Here are some things you may not know about me…

Acai Bowls // Without a doubt, my favorite midday or after-gym snack!


Bullet Journaling //  The only reason I stay sane and organized. Also has become my new favorite hobby AND a category many viewers love on my blog!


Culture //  Something I am really proud of, and it is something that makes me different from any one else in the room. I am Japanese, Portuguese, Filipino, so I mostly gather cultural influences from there. I also have hints of Hawaiian culture because I was born and somewhat raised in Hawaii.

December // The month I began an amazing journey with an amazing person, the month I began falling for the person I am in love with now, the month that is by far my favorite out of the year.

Education // My major and ultimately my passion! I loved every Education class I’ve taken. I am so excited to get a classroom of my own in 2018. So close, yet so far! Eep!

Fender // My Fender is what I go to when I feel overwhelmed with emotion. I use my Fender to show my love, to show my lack of it, and to express any bit of feeling I can’t express with just words. I love this guitar to death. It’s my first guitar and probably one I’ll always keep.

Green Tea (Peach Green Tea) // When you go to a local boba shop what do you get? My go to boba drink is Peach Green Tea!


Happiness // The #1 thing I strive for. I believe God sent me on this Earth to not only strive for personal happiness, but to also bring happiness to others. Let’s all try bring as much joy and happiness as we can to our lives.

Impatient // Probably the worst trait I have. Since I am very organized, I like to run my life on an exact schedule. My timeliness causes me to be very impatient at times.

Jane The Virgin // My current favorite TV show! Jane is someone in the show that I can personally relate to. I love how strong-willed and driven she is as woman! Plus, who doesn’t love Gina Rodriguez and Justin Baldoni’s natural chemistry?

Kailua //  This picture isn’t Kailua technically, but it’s close enough! Kailua, Kaneohe, and Ewa Beach are considered my homes.


Lydia //  My best friend in the whole wide world, and my other “soul mate.” This girl accepts me for me and encourages me to be the best Jordyn I can be. Even though we live miles and miles apart, I can always count on her to help me in any situation I’m in.

Momilani //  My middle name is Momilani, which is translated as “Pearl of the Heavens.” I love my Hawaiian name to death, and my name is on my wrist 24/7.

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 5.03.33 PM.png

Nineteen // I’m nineteen years old, believe it or not! Personally, I think this is the weirdest age. So ready to be 20. Counting down the days!

Outdoors // This hasn’t become a part of my life till recently, but I love the outdoors. Any place – the beach, the forest, the mountains. I love to be outdoors and I thrive off of direct sunlight.


Pikake // A Hawaiian flower and my favorite scent. The flower may not be the most beautiful in the bunch, but its presence is so captivating.

Quilt // Before my first year of college, my Grammy made me this quilt that I still use. The quilt is a compilation of all the important school shirts, jerseys, and church shirts that I loved and found important. It’s super thick, so it keeps me warm on cold nights.

Roses //  Do I even have to explain? Roses are not only my favorite flower, but my favorite thing to look at, a part of my blog,my future tattoo, and a flower that has extreme sentimental value.

Saint Thérèse of Lisieux // The patron saint of florists and aviation. She said “what matters in life is not great deeds, but great love.” Every Sunday, I put my hand on her statue to commemorate and give honor to her. I didn’t even know the statue was of her till later and it amazed me once I looked her up. I like to think she helps watch over me and the people I care about.

Travel // One of the many loves of my life. Traveling is essential to personal growth in my opinion. Traveling anywhere, even a few miles out, can open your eyes to different cultures. I’ve done quite a bit of traveling myself, and the trips that I have taken has given me such an open mind and a better understanding of the world around me! It’s also my favorite thing to do with my love! Take a look at some of my travel diaries while you’re at it.


Urban Outfitters // Simple: the store I wish all of my money went to. I always love everything in there! Definitely my favorite store to go to if I’m looking to treat myself.

Virginia //  Ah, my second… well third home if you’re being specific. Virginia is where the love of my life lives. It is where I made so many memories, where I’ve explored the ins and outs of, and where I associate so much happiness in life to. It has a such a cute presence, and is definitely someplace I’ll always remember even when my love leaves at the end of his enlistment.

Worship // My job, my duty, and my gift from God. Definitely one of the biggest blessings of my life. I do this almost every Wednesday night at a local church in the area.

X-Ray // Sorry, this is all I can think of lol. Fun fact: the greatest amount of x-rays I have taken in a short amount of time was when I had recurring “walking” pneumonia. Screwed up my chances of making Varsity Track when I was a freshman in high school. I’ll never forget that!

You’ve Got Mail // Believe it or not, this is my favorite movie. You’ve Got Mail is a love story that is not cast with young actors who portray lovers, but rather older adults who find love over dial-up aged chat rooms and emails. Probably sounds boring, but it’s a guilty pleasure!

Zoo //  My favorite place to go, and coincidentally where my relationship with my boyfriend started. In December of 2014, Kekoa took me to “Zoo Lights” at our local zoo. May not seem romantic to some, but i’m pretty sure he new that I would love every bit of it.




I have a Facebook Page!

Hello lovelies! For the readers of this blog who are not subscribed by email or who do not follow me on Bloglovin, this page is for you. I finally created a Facebook Page so you guys can be notified of my newest blog posts on your News Feed.

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 6.44.24 PM.png

If you would like to follow me, this is the link for my Facebook:


Happy reading,


What’s on my iPhone

Hello there! So since it is summer, I am trying my very hardest to put up new blog posts as often as I can. To look for inspiration, I obviously go straight to YouTube because one day I hope that I can do YouTube as my main source of creativity versus a blog. My blog is something that I can definitely  do anywhere, so it was my first creativity source! I figured i’d show you what’s on my iPhone as well as my current case and favorite apps to start with this summer series!

The Phone/Case

I have an iPhone 6 in Gold and i’m hoping to upgrade once the 7 comes out! My case is from Sonix, and I purchased it at Nordstrom Rack for $16.97. Tip: Check places like Nordstrom Rack, Marshalls, and Ross before buying an expensive phone case. They might have it for super cheap.


Screensaver & Home Screen

Of course my screenshot is a picture of my love. This picture specifically brings to many great memories into my head, so I love to look at it every time I unlock my phone. Also, this is my homescreen! My screensaver is a bible verse from the app She Reads Truth, which is a Bible and devotional app. As you can see, I do organize my apps into folders and keep the ones I use the most out on its own. At the bottom, I keep my phone, mail, music, and Safari browser open because I tend to access those the most. Oh! And I forgot to put my other page up, but that page has all the basic apps the iPhone comes with. That’s where my Messenger and FaceTime is if you’re wondering : I just use one real page on my phone because I feel too impatient to scroll through millions of pages to find one app. On this homepage, I always have my social media apps outside of a folder for easy access. If I am on my phone, I’m likely to be on social media! Speaking of, follow me on Snapchat if you want to see what I’m up to on a day to day basis.

My Favorite Apps at the Moment

Waterlogged: This app will help with one of my summer goals. Did you know majority of the world is dehydrated at this very second? Seeing the average amount of ounces I was supposed to drink a day was quite alarming. I didn’t think I could do it, but this app tries to keep me on track on my hydration. What I like is that the interactive bottle will flow and show you what percentage of your goal you have reached. It also gives you many options of what kind of container of water you drank and a handy reminders page that will notify you when your next scheduled water time is.

UNUM: Now for my favorite app of the month! This is something I just found out from Jasmin Rossol, a Youtuber I frequently watch. For all the people who have an Instagram theme, this app is a lifesaver! I used VSCOcam before the update to upload photos and test them out with my Instagram theme. The new update, sadly made the feature of the app very hard to use. This is where UNUM kicks in! When first downloading the app, you will see a screen that asks for your login for your Instagram. In seconds, your entire feed pops up on the app and you are able to use at least 9 empty spaces to upload new, possible photos. The app also has a feature where you can shift the placement of each photo if you are a person that plans your uploads. Lastly, this app is able to post Instagram photos for you at a scheduled time if you would like. How cool right? The app is free in the App Store and on Android, so try it out!

Ibotta: The last app I want to feature is Ibotta, which is a rebate app. My family is CONSTANTLY grocery shopping, so I always ask for their receipts. How this app works is you go to the store, buy your groceries, and then search the app for rebates. Each rebate you use will give you $0.25 to almost $5.00 cash back. The apps has tons of popular grocery stores like Target, Walmart, Costo. Some of the rebates are for simple items as well like “any Milk product” or “Kale.” Then, once you’re finished loading the rebates, you take a picture of your receipt and money will be sent to your account. You have the chance, at that time to load the money onto a giftcard of your choice or for it to sent straight to your bank account through Venmo or Paypal. I use this for Amazon giftcards to help with my Bullet Journal obsession 😉

Thanks for reading my post guys! I’m hoping to post every Tuesday and Thursday from now on, so keep a lookout for more content!


Bullet Journal | May and June

I started my bullet journal at the end of April, and I’m in love with the idea! Whenever I am in the school semesters, I swear change planners at least twice. Sometimes I need  spreads with really long daily sections. Sometimes my week is pretty clear, and I feel like i’m wasting space. Sometimes I need a lot of room to look at everything monthly. The bullet journal solves all of my planner problems AND adds so much more into my planning. Here are a few of my favorite spreads I have created for May and June!

Summer Weekly Spread

This spread I feel perfect for the summer weeks. As you can see, I was wrapping up my Spring semester. I had to check my final grades and submit my term papers. What I love about this spread is that it saved so much space for extra activities. On the “weekly review” part of the spread, you can see my habit tracker, my favorite shows of the moment,  and a gratitude log!

weekly edited

Fitness Log

In May, I joined a gym! *Applause* To make sure I am not wasting my money on a membership AND to keep track of how frequently I go to the gym, I decided to log my gym time. Each entry includes the date, day of the week, what my theme is (or what parts of the body I am working), and few of the activities I did while there. Let’s hope this habit will stick!


Idea Page

I’m going to be honest. This page was mainly so I could practice my calligraphy. I told myself that I needed to learn how to do calligraphy by my wedding day, so I think I have a long time practice. Anyways, here are two pages I used to put down my ideas. There are TONS and TONS of lists you can make like this, so do anything you want!


Summer School Schedule/Media Tracker

I left A LOT of room for pages that aren’t monthly, weekly, or daily spreads in the month of June. This BuJo is definitely my trial journal before the fall semester starts! So now, I have a lot of freedom to try different spreads and see which ones I used the most. The left side is a run down of the summer classes I am taking. Sorry about all the black boxes! Just wanted to keep the privacy of the professors and the campuses I’m taking the classes at. Since I am officially in the end-cap of my undergrad degree, I have to take classes this summer to fill in some of my credits. The right side is a list of movies that I watched this summer. I find that I watch a lot of TV shows, and hardly watch movies! My personal goal is to at least watch sixteen movies this summer. Here’s a creative way to document my progress!

classes edited

Habit Tracker

I might be a bit OCD, but does anyone else hate the habit trackers that are landscape instead of portrait. This habit tracker spread is pretty cool because I can separate each task and separates the tasks even further into an “everyday” and a “not everyday” section. I also really dig the banners as a title!


These are a just a few spreads that I find work for me! Please feel free to comment and like the post if you liked the ideas. Also, if you would like to link your ideas into the comments that would be awesome! I love looking at other bullet journal spreads!

Womanly Aspiration | Gina Rodriguez

Recently, I have fallen in love with the CW’s show Jane the Virgin. This series mixes both comedy and drama in such a traditional, cultural, yet modern way. Other than the amazing story line and the incredible actors of the show, I found that this show is very empowering to young women. Gina Rodriguez tells the story of an ambitious, Latino woman who is thrown a myriad of challenges, but makes the best of each situation given. Not only is Gina an a great actress, but she stands for so many great things. Her energy and intellect really caught my attention. I now view her as a role model! Here are some reasons why and also a few lessons I have learned from her already:

Push for self-confidence and body acceptance For many young girls, it is difficult to accept their body when they have a set view of what is “beautiful.” The thing that is interesting is that the world’s, per say, take on beauty is constantly changing. This inconsistency shows that beauty must be so much more than what is in with the trends or what is popular. Gina really speaks truth when she says that any woman can look sexy in lingerie and expresses so elegantly that every body is beautiful.

Naja (ny-ah) and her confidence in her own sexuality Sexuality is something that I feel very strongly about and try defend if issues arise. I feel that the taboo of female sexuality hurts young girls, especially when first being introduced with the idea of sexuality. The rise of double standards as well negatively effects girl’s views of their own sexuality. Sexuality should be something very beautiful, yet still private and intimate to the one a woman decides to share it to. Women should never be ashamed of their sexuality because it truly is a beautiful thing! Gina’s lingerie line silently represents that!

Profits going to educating girls in Columbia I think everyone knows at this point how passionate I am about equal opportunity. I believe that every child no matter the ethnicity, social class, religion, or ability deserves to be educated if wanting to. In other countries, women are hardly ever seen as intellects. A woman’s care and compassion serves as a weakness in some cultures, which I believe isn’t fair to the little girls that do have big aspirations in academics. If every woman was given the opportunity to learn in the past, image how much more advanced our world could be. What if the mind of one of those little girls who is forbidden to pursue education has the cure for cancer? Things like this are often overlooked.

Her extreme sense of self Nothing is more interesting of a person as their own sense of self. You can tell by Gina’s wise words and approach to certain topics that she is not only confident in herself, but she has also taken time to explore and solidify her beliefs. With this set of beliefs that she has built, Gina radiates with just a deep connection with herself and the world around her.

Holding strong to your convictions and how that can relate to anything big or small in life Sadly, there are many women who are not strong to their conviction. Right when a man that treats her right comes into the picture, all of her convictions that she felt “so strongly” about before just disappears. I think the strongest women are the ones who hold strong to their convictions. For me, some of my convictions that I hold strong on are my faith, my fight for equal opportunity, etc.

Appreciation for people and feeling energy from others In this interview Gina comments on the broadcaster’s energy and how she is inspired and touched by it. For me, this energy is acknowledged most of the time upon the first meeting. By the way I feel when talking to a person, I am able to decipher who is interesting and trust worthy, and who is bad-news. I seek energy in places I want to go to, people I conversate with, anything. This is why I love certain study spots or like hanging around a select group of people. I thrive off of good energy, so it is crucial for me to fill my life with as much positive, loving energy as I can.

Rooted in faith the personal relationship with God “I’m not afraid to thank my God every morning. In public, in private, in my car, when i’m showering because the truth is it’s mine and I own it.  And if anybody is going to get upset at me for that, then I can’t wait till they meet theirs.” Such a beautiful statement! This is exactly how I feel about my faith! I commend all who are able to openly express their faith wherever they go.

Accepting Golden Globe for groups of people “Women, every little girl and boy with a dream, every brown baby,” she says is who she accepts her first Golden Globe for. With her acceptance speech, Gina practically shows the entire audience her heart and the reason she is an actress. She is an advocate for equal opportunity, and I couldn’t agree more with her fight for equality.

Art as a “story to tell” Many actors and actresses have this same outlook on their work. I find it so inspiring that Gina uses her talents to help others. I think that as a future teacher, I can truly truly relate to that. With a job as big as media, Gina could really make a difference with the kind of influence she has as a celebrity.

When something is done well, you just want to sink your teeth into it. This is my aspiration in life, my wanting. I want to create things that are done well, that others want to sink their teeth into. Most importantly though, I am always searching for programs, people, places where there is that “wow, this is special” feeling. When you are surrounded by things that inspire you, you start to become more inspiring to others as well. The idea that you are what you consume is pure psychology. Positive music, positive people, positive influences = positive outlook on life. I always reach to find more people and things that will allow me to appreciate life for what it really is.

Woman make their voices known are “regal, delicious” First of all, amazing key points am I right?  She speaks so elegantly and proud of being a woman. I, too, find women who make their voices known as “regal [and] delicious” because it shows that the woman is secure of herself and is willing to stand above unpopular belief to speak for what she believes in. Who ever says women cannot cause a movement or evoke change is surely wrong!

Overall, Gina is a beautiful beautiful woman that I pay much respect to! It is so refreshing to see a woman that not only is proud of her culture, but is also very strong-minded and grounded. I can’t wait to see more of her work in her future projects!

New Summer Goal

Since summer has OFFICIALLY started and I am finished with classes (till June), I decided to think up some things I need to catch up on. One of my summer goals that i’ve been meaning to do is read more! When I was younger, I never really found an interest in reading. I felt it was pointless to read words on a page when you could watch a movie or experience the stories for myself. Now, I realize the benefit of reading and found a few genres I really love reading.

From all the favorites videos I have watched on YouTube and a lot of recommendations from friends, I created a large list of books to read this summer.

So, of course my first step of this summer goal is to RENEW my library card. My younger years were filled with weekend trips to the library. To me at that time, even though I wasn’t too keen on reading, the library was huge and fun. Yesterday, walking into the library, I found it to be incredibly tiny from the last time I remembered it! Nonetheless, I was glad to be there.

And for my pick-ups. These two books have been on my list for a while now:

  • The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz
  • Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close

The Four Agreements is full of motivation and self-help. I have heard many many many people recommend this book! Plus, its a quick read!

Girls in White Dresses is a classic woman-driven realistic fiction novel. I love reading books like this because they are so relatable and light hearted when i’m getting ready for bed or starting my morning.

Anyways, there you go! The first steps of completing my summer goal. I advise all of y’all to go and get your library card. My library specifically has everything from movies, CDs, audiobooks, tons of eBooks, and magazines. You can check out all of this for free and will not be penalized as long as you renew it! Try it! Fun and cheap way to get your brain working during the summer.

I will definitely update y’all on my progress and create mini-reviews once I complete each book too, so look out!


New Space Inspiration

A great thing about getting closer to graduation is the intense future planning that comes with it! I love the fact that this time two years from now, I’ll be able to live completely on my own with a yearly salary. A few years down the line from that, I hope to get married and start a new place with my love. I find it amazing to have someone like my boyfriend that is open to traveling and open to change. With that mindset, I could be living across the country in five quick years. Who knows?

Yes, this sounds like naive wishful thinking BUT I truly am exciting for these changes to come about. It will allow me to run my life the way I see it with small things even down to plants behind the sink. So here are a few things I hope to incorporate in my new spaces that are quickly approaching.

Minimalism and Cleanliness 

The older I get, the less material things I accumulate. Okay, I do have a lot of makeup and clothes. But other than that, I keep my space pretty minimal. My first experience with dorming gave me the mindset of “hey, I actually don’t live off of much!” Since then, I try my hardest to trash what’s not needed and keep my space clean and simple.

Greenery and Wood

This might just be a personal preference, but I LOVE greenery. Anything from succulents to shrubs sets my soul at peace and adds so much to a room. Currently, I do not own any plants in my room other than the occasional flowers I get for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. I do, however, have an orb-like terrarium for succulents that i’m hoping to fill in the near future. Plants require natural light which is another BIG love of mine in a home. Plus, who wouldn’t like the extra oxygen 😉 Also, wood flooring adds such a nice, earthy tone to the space as well.


Lofts are expensive. Especially when you’re thinking on a college student budget, a loft seems impossible. What many don’t know is that you can use your lofty style to incorporate into any home or apartment. I will definitely be looking at tons of interior design magazines and Pinterest boards before buying anything. Try more industrial pieces into incorporate into your house.

White Walls and Bases

White walls and bases speak new beginnings. I think a plain white wall has so many possibilities such as wall art, bedding themes, living themes, etc. In addition, white is a color of cleanliness! Just make sure to not touch the walls all the time.

A Few Comfy Accent Pieces 

As you can see in the bottom right picture, little fun things like a hammock or even a rug in the bottom left and middle pictures make the sterile-looking place a bit more homey. I want to add comfy pieces, but I feel like I want to save most of these pieces for a home where I would like the raise a family. When i’m young and busy, I will try more for a clean, modern space.

So what do y’all think? You like? Feel free to send me some inspiration or even your own inspiration!

Seven Youtube Channels That I Love to Watch

1. Jenn Im from @clothesencounters 

Jenn is probably my favorite Youtuber at the moment. She has a unique fashion style and not to mention an apartment in Los Angeles that is to die for! She is currently in a long distance relationship with her boyfriend Ben, an artist from London, and really loves to document her travels with vlogs and travel vlogs. She has gone all over the world and through her channel, you can see her adventures in Japan, Dubai, London, Korea, Singapore,and so much more.  Videos of hers that I love watching are her monthly favorites and her “Jenn goes to” series. Definitely check her out! She is such an intelligent, sweet girl that really does have great product recommendations.

2. Claire Marshall

Oh, another love of mine. I actually discovered of Claire through my mom! Claire is this kickass girl with a bunch of tattoos that also lives in Los Angeles and focuses on beauty and fashion. She was a professional makeup artist for a long time, which obviously shows in her product reviews and make up commentaries.  Everyone should really checkout her blog . She is where I get my inspiration from most of the time on this blog. What I actually love the most about Claire’s Youtube channel, though, are the videos where she is more personal . These kinds of videos allows her to share her down to earth and creative side. Here’s one that I love:


Oh I love love love this family. Many of you probably watch JudysLife which is another family vlog channel. I gush over the little things Emelia and Eduardo say and do. Plus, their parents are awesome and you could this family is built on a foundation of love. They live in England and in the videos you go with them throughout their whole day from the minute they wake up to the minute they go to bed. If you love cute little babies doing cute little things, you will have a blast watching the Saccone-Joly’s.

4. SamanthaMariaVlogs

Another vlog channel for you guys! Sammi and her fiancé Jason and their two bulldogs, Franklin and Riley are absolutely adorable. Sammi and Jason live in London and are founders of the clothing line Novem & Knight. You will go with them to meetings, little London coffee shops, and all throughout the world with these two! I might be biased, but they are the cutest couple on YouTube! 

5. Bonnyrebecca

This channel is a bit different from my normal daily channels. I discovered Bonny last summer and I am in love with her “what I eat in a day” videos. She’s the only channel I follow that talks about veganism and a healthy lifestyle. Even though I know I will not be vegan anytime soon, her videos inspire me to make more dishes that are colorful.

6. Krist Yu

Probably my newest add. Krist, short for Kristine, is an art school dropout that is exploring her own journey with art and digital media. Krist has so many great recommendations and tips, AND displays these things in a such a creative way. Here’s a little peek of what her videos look like: 

7. Damon and Jo
These two just get me on spiritual level when it comes to traveling. They are best friend  20-somethings that travel all over the world because they feel like it. Their motto is “Shut Up and Go” and their videos will grace you with insights to many languages and cultures. In each spot they visit, they give you tips and tricks of cheap sights and things to do. It’s inspiring how much money these two save and STILL get great experiences out of their travels. Plus, they are just downright hilarious in everything they do. Go check them out!

Just a Little Reflection

“I’m telling you, being loved by you is probably the greatest thing in the world.”

By far, this was the best thing anyone has EVER said to me. Before this, I did not truly appreciate how great it is for someone to love your love. How great is that? Loving is my ultimate key to happiness and what I wish to implement my love in my everyday for asEdit long as I can. I take the love that I give seriously and constantly work on giving more love to the people that are important in my life. With this, I was beyond flattered and slightly surprised. The greatest thing in the world? You sure? But with some proper convincing a few unspoken reassurances, I realized that there is someone who thinks that being loved by me is the greatest feeling the world. It fills my heart with warmth to know that. I have done my job.