New Papercraft Project on the Rise: PROJECT LIFE!

My planner tab is incredibly lonely! Time to introduce a new papercraft project I am starting – Project Life. If you have been an OG reader or Instagram follower, you’d know that I’ve dabbled in pocket scrapbooking before. This time… I want to go ALL OUT. In this post, I’m going to give y’all an intro to project life, how I will go about documenting my memories, my sources of inspiration, my future purchases, and what I will use to document my memories! If these spreads come out well, I might do short process videos or in-depth blog posts on how I create my spreads. So, let’s see how this goes!

So, what is Project Life and what makes it different than any other scrapbooking technique?

Project Life is a new scrapbooking technique for the busy body! Normal scrapbooks have 12×12 sheets and millions of embellishments. Even though I think scrapbooking is a great idea, I gravitate towards more minimal ways to craft. I don’t like things too busy and I like things I can easily escape in when I’m feeling stressed out. THIS is perfect project for me. Project Life is a pocket scrapbook, which means there are preset layouts that perfectly format photos. Typical Project Life journals have spreads for each of the 52 weeks of the year! That way you are constantly documenting, not just documenting when big events happen.

Kelly, Juli, Eat.jpg

My Inspiration Channels/Blogs

There are so many, but here are my absolute favorites

  • Kelly Purkey, obviously (Do I even need a description? Kelly Purkey is the QUEEN of Project Life. She has beautiful spreads and a shop with tons of great tools and embellishments to pretty up your Project Life Pages)
  • Juli Makes Things (Another one of my favorites! Juli Makes Things is a little closer in age to me and her spreads have a style that I really enjoy to look at and take inspiration from. This girl also has the newest and cutest supplies for her papercraft projects)
  • Eat Scrap Bake (I think Eat Scrap Bake’s spreads are the airy, minimal layouts that I wish to have. Her style is absolutely gorgeous and I love the way she uses colors while still maintaining a minimal theme)

Things I will be purchasing to start off –

Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 6.35.58 PM.png



Project Life Grey 12×12 Cloth Scrapbook – This album is currently sold out on the Becky Higgins website! If I can get my hand on this beauty, I will. If not, I will probably find a black, white, beige album.




Project Life Photo Pocket Pages, Big Variety Pack 1 – Pocket Pages, of course, are a must for this project. I wanted a good variety of layouts this go around so I can find my style! I like how this one has big square layouts.



Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 6.51.01 PM.png


A Studio Calico Documenter Kit or the Currently Edition Core Kit – (Or both, lol) What’s a Project Life album without filler cards? I think I need a good set of cards to work with when I’m first starting out.





The Journal It Stamp by Feed Your Craft & The Dalton Letter Stamp by Kelly Purkey – I think with these stamps, I’ll be able to test out different kinds of embellishments and styles. Along with this, I will also get some simple ink colors and an acrylic block!


My Approach –

  • I’m going to TRY to do all 52 weeks! I feel like completing one spread every week may get a bit overwhelming, though. We’ll see how it goes!
  • I want to follow Kelly Purkey’s technique of stamping the date on every weekly spread. I think it’s a great idea to document what time of year it is to the events that are taking place.
  • Stamping, stamping, stamping! I want to incorporate a lot of stamping and embellishment techniques.

Overall guys, it’s all really exciting to me! I can’t wait to start this project January 2017! Let me know if y’all want me to document every part of the process or if you want pictures of my spreads.


Local Coffee Spot: Cafe Cafeza

I don’t know about you guys, but I am a sucker for coffee shops. Coffee has the smell of productivity in my mind, and I have written long, extensive essays in an hour or two just by sitting in a Starbucks. Lately, I have been really encouraged to explore the local shops and cafes around the Houston area. I want to support local businesses, and I feel like each little whole-in-the-wall place has unique abilities that cannot be duplicated.

So without further adieu, here is Cafeza!

Cafeza is a small coffee shop in Sixth Ward that also sells some wicked breakfast and lunch meals. The coffeshop doubles as a bar too if you’re into drinking in the early hours of the morning, haha. For me, the best coffee shops will have free Wi-Fi (am I right or am I right), an array of seating choices, big tables for productive work days, and tea. Since I am not really a coffee drinker, I tried the Strawberry White Tea and a warm buttery croissant. It was a great way to start my morning and it wasn’t only because I had buttery bread for breakfast! You get to see the steeping of the leaves as you sit at your table, and the staff gladly brings the tea to your table as you eat. It’s just a very friendly, home-y coffee shop to visit. Also, if you peek outside of the coffee shop and you will find a big chalkboard wall that people use to list the things they are grateful for! Go visit when you can!


Why I Switched to Happy Planner

Hello lovelies! Many of you have complimented me on my organization skills. I don’t know how many times I get approached with “your planner is so cute” or “can you show me how to plan?” I get so flattered each time! Planning, to me, is my escape. I love sitting down in the middle of the day and planning my weeks out. It keeps me sane and of course on top of my game on my busy weeks. I have this terrible habit of switch planner programs mid-year. Obviously, I have kept up with the tradition! Now, I am using the Happy Planner. I used to use the bullet journal, but I love this set up more than any other planner set up I have tried! Here’s why I switched to Happy Planner:


1. This planner is AWESOME if you love to plan super, super ahead – This is something that really won me over when looking at other planner systems. With bullet journaling, I would have to create spreads for an entire month to get ahead. It just wasn’t working with my school schedule.

2. Horizontal AND Vertical Layouts – I have the vertical layout right now, which is awesome for me. If you still love big long rectangles, just buy the horizontal one! The horizontal layout is very similar to the standard weekly planners.

3. REMOVABLE PAGES, I repeat REMOVABLE PAGES – Game changer, am I right? You are able to remove and insert new pages as you please. This is awesome for people who love to really personalize their planner. Here’s a video from the creators of Happy Planner!

4. Customizable Sizes – By buying smaller disks or expander discs, you can change the size of your planner any time you want! As you can see from the picture, I definitely downsized to a six-month book. I love how light my planner is now!

5. Stickers and Washi Tape – You can embellish every inch of this planner. There are tons of stickers, washi tape, inserts, and stamps to add to the planner. Let your creativity be your guide.

6. Cost Effective – My favorite perk about this planner. Many plannerholics go for the Erin Condren Life Planner. Even though the planner is super cute and customizable, the Erin Condren Life Planner is $55+. What a waste. I bought my Happy Planner for $17.99 (IT’S STILL THAT PRICE RIGHT NOW) from Michaels. Every planner comes with 18 months, so I think this is a steal compared to other planner systems.

7. BIG Pinterest Audience – Just search “happy planner” on Pinterest and BAM! You’ll find free printables of stickers, layout ideas, and so much more on Pinterest. Here’s what comes up for me:

Screen Shot 2016-09-17 at 8.00.20 PM.png

Overall, I love it and I am so happy with my decision. The planner and the stickers I bought hurt my bank account just a little bit. I’m guilty! I highly highly encourage you all to try this planner system. Now on to how I use my planner…

How I Use My New Planner

Pretty self-explanatory! I take advantage of each section of the vertical layout. Of course you do not have to follow the same organization I do. For me, this works AND keeps everything in one place. If I have to add more to-do lists, I’ll just put a sticky note on the page and write even more.

Processed with Snapseed.

Sample Base Week + A Filled Week

Here’s what I have so far! I am definitely using up all of the washi that I accumulated over the year. All of the stickers on this page are from the Everyday Plans Stickerbook. These are also on sale at Michaels right now. As you can see, my week gets a little hectic looking by the end of it all.

Processed with Snapseed.

Processed with Snapseed.

If you are looking into buying this planner, you can go to Michaels this week and find 40% off of all of their planner supplies. This is everything from Happy Planner Box Sets to inserts to sticker books. Definitely worth the money, I promise! Everyone have a great week this week!



Sunshine Blogger Award

Great news lovelies! I was nominated for my first Blogger Award. I want to thank the lovely BEXoxoBlog for nominating me. Go check her out guys! She has this page on her blog that is devoted to journaling her dreams. How cool is that? Without further adieu, here’s the award:fotorcreated


  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Answer the questions from your nominator.
  3. Nominate fellow bloggers you follow.
  4. Give them 10 questions to answer!


1. Are you a coffee drinker or tea drinker?

Personally, I don’t like to say I’m one or the other. I do not drink either often enough! I feel like there is a time for coffee and a time for tea, and I drink in accordance to that. For example, I am a coffee drinker in the mornings if I need a little extra energy or something sweet. I tend to drink teas typically towards the afternoon and night time. Another thing to know about me is I will almost always prefer my coffee and tea iced. I only drink them warm if I feel sick or chilly.

2. Where is one place in the world that you want to visit?

I would love to visit Japan. It’s the first on my list! My fascination with Japanese culture is not only because I’m Japanese myself – I just love everything I’ve seen! The aspects of the country that I love most is the fashion, food (of course), and all of the stationary things. I’m just ready to come back from Japan with a suitcase full of cute stuff, honestly.

3. What is the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?

I took my first three-day long road trip through states I’ve never been to at 18. I think it was fun because I really haven’t traveled by myself like that before. Kekoa and I weren’t even old enough to reserve hotel rooms in some states. We had a problem checking into one of our reservations, actually because we weren’t 21. It was a mess, but it was such a fun time.

 4. What has been your favorite vacation destination and why?

You guys might think it’s crazy for me to choose anything other than Hawaii since I visit there all the time. My favorite vacation destination is actually Disneyworld/Disneyland! All of my fondest memories are in both of these Disney parks. I think Disney has an overwhelmingly magical feeling. When I walk into any of the parks, my heart beats fast and a smile instantly appears on my face. I love Disney, and I feel like I will never feel otherwise just because how great it is.

5. Do you believe in love at first sight?

I do believe that it is possible. I am one to believe that attraction should not be based on appearance, but sometimes you just know. It was actually kind of weird with my boyfriend and I. Even though I knew him a little as a child, I didn’t really know know him. When I was a little bit older, I always would imagine my future with him. I didn’t know what kind of guy he was or if I even like him like that, but just by looking I had that infatuation with him.

6. What’s your favorite movie?

My favorite movie is You’ve Got Mail. This movie a bit of an older one, and many will not know of it. It’s about an older couple in their late 20s to early 30s who start their relationship as strangers through dial-up messenger and emails. You find out later in the movie that the two lovers are actually real life business-rivals! It is hilarious and gives you such a warm-heart feeling.

7. Do you collect anything?

I do! So, I have yet to make a blog post about this but I created this thing called the “postcard project.” I buy and collect postcards on every trip, and on the backside I journal while I’m there. I just take few minutes while I’m there to journal and then I snap a picture! The picture is then printed and taped to the back of the post card! I thought it would be great to accumulate all of the postcards throughout my years, and also see what I felt at that time.

 8. What is something that you are looking forward to at this very moment?

I am looking forward to Christmas time! Ahh, it is my favorite season of the year if you guys didn’t know! It’s the season of giving and love and I just love the feeling that time of year gives me. It’s just full of family, and cozy chill weather!

9. Out of your posts, which one is your favorite? Why?

I think my favorite post is my 17 Things I Learned the Year I Turned 17. That was two, almost three years ago and I think I was growing up the most at that point in my life. I put so much thought into what I truly did learn that year, and it’s just really nice to look at things like that!

10. What is one of your pet peeves

Everyone who knows me knows that I HATE disorganization. When I see someone is disorganized, I organize as quickly as I can. I don’t get how people can just through their papers in their backpack without a folder, for example. I hate when things are not categorized, so expect me to organize your bookshelf the next time I visit your house 😉


Questions for Nominees:

If you would spend a day with one person (dead or alive) who would it be?

Favorite song when you were in your pre-teen/early-teen years.

Favorite beauty product?

If you had to eat the same meal everyday of your life, what would you choose? Be specific!

A few goals for the next five years?

Guilty pleasure?

Do you prefer your hair curly or straight?

Explain one of the most surreal moments in your life.

Would you rather wear a bathing suit everywhere you go for a week or go a month without shaving?

What’s your go-to feel good movie?

Congratuations to all the bloggers who were nominated!



3 New Changes In My Life

I love starting over. Life is way too short to dwell on something you are not completely happy with. If you find your style or your preference changing, then why not change the world around you to fit your new style? I try to keep this mindset. It does not have to be expensive nor time-consuming to make a change either. Here are a few little changes that I have been incorporating into my life.


Goodbye Hi-Def Instagram Pictures

By the end of summer, I was sick and tired of maintaining a difficult Instagram “theme.” I only posted pictures from my G7X, and I always refused to post photos because it was unlike the last photos I posted. There were so many events and beautiful pictures I refrained from posting just to fit my look. There were even times where I felt like I couldn’t post because the photo was not taken with a camera. I would post pictures of silly salad wraps or pictures from months ago just to make my Instagram appealing to the eye. How pointless is that? My blog, my Instagram, and all my social medias should be used for documenting great moments and feelings in my life, right? It shouldn’t be about it looking like a professional photography page!

Now ▷ I use VSCOcam as my main photo editor and I am no longer scared of posting dark photos! I never could post night pictures, but now I can and I love it. I also try to put my feelings into my Instagram captions. I want to show people my heart in my Instagram from now on.

Trying in My Wardrobe

When I shop, I always went with what looked good and what was safe. I never wanted to try new things because I thought others would judge me if I went to outside the normal style. I also for some reason never wanted to look too fashionable. Weird, right? I just feel like my style is so basic and needs some change. Plus, I want to dress well for my body type. I feel like I wear everything a bit baggy and that bothers me now.

Now ▷ I have bought a few interesting pieces already! My first few pieces included a bodysuit, a few chokers and accessories, a denim jacket, and a bodycon dress. For every piece I have bought, I am also throwing out or donating an existing piece from my closet. Hopefully you’ll start to see a change in the next year! Would you guys be interested in an Outfit of the Week post? Please enjoy a picture of the cutest dainty necklace I added to my collection recently.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

New Job, New Mindset!

Probably the best change of them all. I love retail, don’t get me wrong. I just needed a new job that would help me with my future career. It is my goal to have a job aligned by the time I graduate with my Bachelor’s degree. I can’t enter into a salary job with just retail experience guys! Teaching is in high demand where I live, and the job placement rate in my program is pretty great.  I don’t want to use those things as a reason for me to slack off. I want all forces pointing to my success.

Now ▷ After a long summer of job hunting and applying to places, I finally found a suitor. I can’t really disclose a name of company due to privacy reasons. However, I can tell you that I am working for a nonprofit that allows me to teach an afterschool program at local schools in the area. How cool right? This is a picture of a piece of artwork in my office building, so this will have to represent my new job until I get started with teaching.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


Happy Morning, Happy Day

Happy Labor Day, lovelies! I am sure we all have to return to work and school tomorrow morning. Let’s make this week a great one! Actually, let’s set a goal to make better, happier mornings! Here are some things to try –


Get up when your alarm tells you to

This first step might sound like a total drag, but happiness is in the mind of the beholder! When you set three or more alarms for your day, all you’re doing sadly is fostering unnecessary negativity. So get up with your one alarm and say some positive statements in your head! Today is going to be a great day!

Make your bed

Another drag, I know, but it makes a difference! Nothing is sweeter than coming home to a clean room. The first noticeable step to a clean room, coincidentally is a perfectly made bed. Also, making the bed can create a clear work space if you do a lot of your homework or work in bed like me! 😉

Turn on a morning playlist

Essential! Spotify has some really great ones! Just search “mornings” in the search bar, and you’ll be set for a great morning.

Watch something when you’re getting ready

My personal favorite is daily or weekly vlogs! YouTubers normally put the interesting, funny, and positive experiences of their week in their vlog so prepare yourself for laughing. Here are some of my favorite vlog channels – Wah & Weylie from Wahlie TV, Sammi & Jason from SamanthaMariaVlogs, and Jackie Castro.

Pre-packed energizing food

A must! It’s not called the most important meal of the day for nothing! Try sometimes that’s rich in nutrients, and maybe a little sweet to put a smile on your face. Make sure to incorporate some fruits too. Get your daily fruits and vegetables in early!

Be productive

I love to start my day with getting fully ready. Putting on makeup, doing my hair, and washing my face just make me feel so much more productive. Look good, feel good am I right? My favorite productive morning activity is pulling out my bullet journal and planning out my day.

Flash a smile!

It’s actually pretty amazing how a smile could make your day 10x better. This tip will not only give you happiness, but will share your happiness with others. The environment around you heavily effects your mood for the day, so try to make the environment as enjoyable as possible.



How to Make Your Morning Commute (A Little) Easier


Since I do live in the suburbs, I have to do quite a bit of  commuting to school and work everyday. I spend at least two to three hours in the car every school day. It may sound excessive, but my university is highly regarded and easily one of the best universities in my city. Personally, I do enjoy my commute! I like the time alone to myself to think. Some people, however, absolutely hate their commute. So, I decided to dedicate this week’s post to my anti-commute readers. Here are a few things I have found that made my commute easier:


What’s a commute without music? I honestly believe the Spotify playlist creators are blessed by God. The “Genre & Moods” tab on the Spotify app shows tons and tons of playlists for any occasion. My favorite playlists on this feature are:

Spotify also has a great premium subscriptions which includes unlimited skips on Radio, downloads that can be played without WiFi or internet connection, and the best feature… no advertisements! Definitely a game changer in music apps.

Convenient Snacks

I love to schedule my classes as early as possible. It might sound crazy, but I love being able to get my classes done before (or just after) noon so that I can have the rest of my day to work on homework and run errands. My early classes, however, guarantees that I will hit morning rush traffic. Grr! The traffic sometimes adds thirty whole minutes onto my commute time, so to give me a little more sleep at night, I pack my breakfast for the ride. I do not condone driving with one hand, but if you can handle it, I highly recommend snacks and meals that are easy to eat on your commute. Try to find snacks that will fit in a cup like pretzels, veggie straws, or even a nice smoothie. This guarantees a clean car and a happy belly! 😊


You don’t need to be 40 or over to listen to a podcast or two people! I love podcasts actually. It’s kind of like you’re having a conversation with another person. Many podcasts on the iTunes are free to download too! Plus, you can find a podcast for any interest really. Here are some great ones:

Google Maps

You may not think you need Google Maps if you’ve been taking your commute for a while now. I think it’s always best to check your Google Maps before you leave the house! You want to know before hand what large road closures are coming your way. That way, you will never get hit with any surprise detour or with a huge traffic fiasco. Be prepared!

A Phone Dock

This is essential for me! When I am commuting I want to easily look at my Google Maps or any app that is open at the time. Even if you’re not using your phone to do any of things I am suggesting, it is great to have your phone up and within eye’s view just in case. You will never have to look down to see who’s calling you or miss a green light again!


Monday Finds #1

Happy Monday, lovelies! I spend a lot of my time on the computer with school and blogging, so I am constantly seeing new ideas and new things. As I was looking through Pinterest, Bloglovin’, and other sites I thought to myself “Hey, why don’t I share these new finds with my followers?” And thus, the Sunday Finds series is born! I may not be able to find tons of finds every week but I would love to make this a habit. Giving all of my positivity to my followers this Monday! Here’s what I saw this week:


Photo credit: 001 / 002 / 003 / 004

Honeymoon Hotel Etsy Shop  // This shop as so many pretty, minimalistic prints that you could put anywhere in your house! Check it out! The prints come in a variety of sizes and really can spruce up any plain area.

A Color Story // I finally found a new photo editing app guys! If you have ever seen my Instagram, my “theme” per say is high exposure and clarity. I love bright colors! This app is great for it. Try to look at the sample pictures and of this post I found on “A Beautiful Mess” about editing on this fabulous app. Definitely a must-download!

To-Go Snacks // This blog post will save me a lot of tummy grumbles on my way to school. I’ve been looking for “snack box” type snacks to bring to school that I can prepare the night before. These boxes have awesome protein boosters, like hummus and peanut butter, all the way the fruits and vegetables.

Casual Office Wear Outfit // I was offered the position for new job earlier today! Yay! A part of my job will consist of office hours, where I will pretty much be doing clerical work and errand-running for my organization. The organization is a nonprofit, so the office dress code is casual. I need outfits that are not too professional for school but not too casual for the office. This one will do right? A bit of distressing on the pant for style and a loose blazer-like duster on top.

I wish you all a great Monday! May the caffeine and sweet treats keep you awake!


Back to School Supplies Haul

It’s August and you know what that means! School. With each year that passes, I get less and less motivated to start the school season. The sleepless nights, the countless hours of studying, and the stress of it all awaiting takes away all of my excitement sadly. What keeps my motivation up in college is… you guess it… school supplies! Here’s what I have to start the new semester:


1/2″ Ring Binder: Since I am taking six classes, I want to minimize the amount of supplies that I put in my backpack. It’s a little excessive to create six different notebooks for each class, so I decided to take a chance with a binder. A binder will also allow me to take only what I need when I’m traveling or studying in other places other than school and home during the year!


Dividers and Page Protectors: I think this is essential for my binder! Not only are these binder dividers beautiful, but they will always keep me organized. Oh, and the page protectors will be used to store the syllabus and handouts if there are any!

Durable Composition Notebook: Just because I’m transitioning to the binder life, it doesn’t mean I might have the urge to use a notebook for a certain class! I decided to pick up this inexpensive notebook from Walmart. Just in case! The covers are flexible, so i’m pray for no visible wear and tear at the end of the year.

IMG_1603 (1).jpg

0.38 m Pens Black: Muji is the latest craze in the stationery world! Recently, I asked my aunty to pick me up a few notebooks and the pens just to try. From the first word I wrote, I fell in love. The quality is amazing and the pigmentation of the black is perfect. So ready to use these to perfect my notes. Also, I just decided to pick up the Pilot G2’s in 0.38 to compare. I love them both!


Bullet Journal: What’s an essentials post without a bullet journal, am I right? My bullet journal serves as my planner in this case. I have everything in my bullet journal to my school schedule, to-do lists for each week, a list of all of my assignments for the semester, everything you could think of. I’ll be putting out a blog post on student-friendly bullet journal spreads in the future too.


Headphones: You always need a good pair of headphones when you’re going to school! These helped me with my walks around campus, my visits to the gym, and my lunch breaks.


Zebra Midliner Highlighters: I’m hopping on the bandwagon… these things are amazing! First of all, have you ever seen a gray highlighter as beautiful as this one? I mostly purchased these beauties for my bullet journal, but I know these will come in handy when I’m taking notes.

IMG_1584 (1)

What did you guys buy for the new school season? Leave it in the comments! Junior year of college, here I come!


A to Z of Me

Hello again, wonderful people! Since I have gotten quite a bit of views and follows over the past few weeks I decided to do another “about me” type of post. Here are some things you may not know about me…

Acai Bowls // Without a doubt, my favorite midday or after-gym snack!


Bullet Journaling //  The only reason I stay sane and organized. Also has become my new favorite hobby AND a category many viewers love on my blog!


Culture //  Something I am really proud of, and it is something that makes me different from any one else in the room. I am Japanese, Portuguese, Filipino, so I mostly gather cultural influences from there. I also have hints of Hawaiian culture because I was born and somewhat raised in Hawaii.

December // The month I began an amazing journey with an amazing person, the month I began falling for the person I am in love with now, the month that is by far my favorite out of the year.

Education // My major and ultimately my passion! I loved every Education class I’ve taken. I am so excited to get a classroom of my own in 2018. So close, yet so far! Eep!

Fender // My Fender is what I go to when I feel overwhelmed with emotion. I use my Fender to show my love, to show my lack of it, and to express any bit of feeling I can’t express with just words. I love this guitar to death. It’s my first guitar and probably one I’ll always keep.

Green Tea (Peach Green Tea) // When you go to a local boba shop what do you get? My go to boba drink is Peach Green Tea!


Happiness // The #1 thing I strive for. I believe God sent me on this Earth to not only strive for personal happiness, but to also bring happiness to others. Let’s all try bring as much joy and happiness as we can to our lives.

Impatient // Probably the worst trait I have. Since I am very organized, I like to run my life on an exact schedule. My timeliness causes me to be very impatient at times.

Jane The Virgin // My current favorite TV show! Jane is someone in the show that I can personally relate to. I love how strong-willed and driven she is as woman! Plus, who doesn’t love Gina Rodriguez and Justin Baldoni’s natural chemistry?

Kailua //  This picture isn’t Kailua technically, but it’s close enough! Kailua, Kaneohe, and Ewa Beach are considered my homes.


Lydia //  My best friend in the whole wide world, and my other “soul mate.” This girl accepts me for me and encourages me to be the best Jordyn I can be. Even though we live miles and miles apart, I can always count on her to help me in any situation I’m in.

Momilani //  My middle name is Momilani, which is translated as “Pearl of the Heavens.” I love my Hawaiian name to death, and my name is on my wrist 24/7.

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 5.03.33 PM.png

Nineteen // I’m nineteen years old, believe it or not! Personally, I think this is the weirdest age. So ready to be 20. Counting down the days!

Outdoors // This hasn’t become a part of my life till recently, but I love the outdoors. Any place – the beach, the forest, the mountains. I love to be outdoors and I thrive off of direct sunlight.


Pikake // A Hawaiian flower and my favorite scent. The flower may not be the most beautiful in the bunch, but its presence is so captivating.

Quilt // Before my first year of college, my Grammy made me this quilt that I still use. The quilt is a compilation of all the important school shirts, jerseys, and church shirts that I loved and found important. It’s super thick, so it keeps me warm on cold nights.

Roses //  Do I even have to explain? Roses are not only my favorite flower, but my favorite thing to look at, a part of my blog,my future tattoo, and a flower that has extreme sentimental value.

Saint Thérèse of Lisieux // The patron saint of florists and aviation. She said “what matters in life is not great deeds, but great love.” Every Sunday, I put my hand on her statue to commemorate and give honor to her. I didn’t even know the statue was of her till later and it amazed me once I looked her up. I like to think she helps watch over me and the people I care about.

Travel // One of the many loves of my life. Traveling is essential to personal growth in my opinion. Traveling anywhere, even a few miles out, can open your eyes to different cultures. I’ve done quite a bit of traveling myself, and the trips that I have taken has given me such an open mind and a better understanding of the world around me! It’s also my favorite thing to do with my love! Take a look at some of my travel diaries while you’re at it.


Urban Outfitters // Simple: the store I wish all of my money went to. I always love everything in there! Definitely my favorite store to go to if I’m looking to treat myself.

Virginia //  Ah, my second… well third home if you’re being specific. Virginia is where the love of my life lives. It is where I made so many memories, where I’ve explored the ins and outs of, and where I associate so much happiness in life to. It has a such a cute presence, and is definitely someplace I’ll always remember even when my love leaves at the end of his enlistment.

Worship // My job, my duty, and my gift from God. Definitely one of the biggest blessings of my life. I do this almost every Wednesday night at a local church in the area.

X-Ray // Sorry, this is all I can think of lol. Fun fact: the greatest amount of x-rays I have taken in a short amount of time was when I had recurring “walking” pneumonia. Screwed up my chances of making Varsity Track when I was a freshman in high school. I’ll never forget that!

You’ve Got Mail // Believe it or not, this is my favorite movie. You’ve Got Mail is a love story that is not cast with young actors who portray lovers, but rather older adults who find love over dial-up aged chat rooms and emails. Probably sounds boring, but it’s a guilty pleasure!

Zoo //  My favorite place to go, and coincidentally where my relationship with my boyfriend started. In December of 2014, Kekoa took me to “Zoo Lights” at our local zoo. May not seem romantic to some, but i’m pretty sure he new that I would love every bit of it.