Practical 2017 Goals List

After years and years of resolutions, I feel like I work better with a list of goals rather than ONE resolution that I consistently have to maintain. That way, when one of the goals is completed I can check it off my list and start working towards the next one. I DO NOT want to be stuck with a list that is so “out there” that I cannot seem to find one goal I can complete. So, this is my “practical” goals list!
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1. Take a SoulCycle class
2. Cook one meal that is completely vegan (even though I LOVE cheese and I LOVE meat)
3. Get my “adult resumé” together Complete an entire year in my Project Life
4. Complete an entire year in my Project LifeGo to a theme park. I miss roller coasters!
5. Go to a theme park. I miss roller coasters!
6. Make BIG progress on my Postcard Project
7. Start creating my family cookbook
8. Visit Austin
9. Find a new TV series to obsess over
10. Take more pictures and videos to document my memories
11. Include more spontaneity into my life
12. Be able to do three pull-ups
13. Try to support more local businesses in my town
14. Write all the way through my current journal instead of buying a new journal before I finish
15. Find a service project for my family, my friend, or my boyfriend to do with me
16. Attend a slam poetry nightKaraoke in China Town
17. Karaoke in China Town
18. Pay for someone behind me in a drive-thru line
19. Go to a drive-in movie
20. Buy something from Urban Outfitters for full price because I always find all of my clothes/knick-knacks in the sale section



Five Things Girlfriends Really Should be Doing

Well hello there lovelies! Today, according to every social media out there, is #NationalGirlfriendDay! They make up a day for everything huh? National Donut Day, National Winston Churchill Day, National Failures Day – the list goes on and on. What is this National Girlfriend Day? From what I can see from the posts, everyone seems to firstly take the term “girlfriend” the romantic lover type of way, which I technically could celebrate this day that way because I am in a great, loving relationship with the wonderful boyfriend of mine… but…. in inspiration from other sources and experiences lately, I decided to dedicate this blog post to ALL OF THE SISTAHS!

I know boys, your relationship with your girlfriend is probably really great right? But honestly, nothing can compare to the bond between a girl and her girlfriends. Me and my best friend Lydia, for example, share everything with each other (in other words every gross and embarrassing thing or thought that we leave out when we’re with the boys) and oh so much more. We know that there will be nothing that will separate us or diminish our friendship, no matter the circumstance, but many girls and their so called “girlfriends” are not in the same case as we are. In fact, many friendships girls have are not for the right reasons and are honestly alarming in my eyes. These are five things girlfriends really should learn to do:

1. Eliminate the Competition 

I cannot count the number of instances I have seen two girls who are “best friends”  fight to be the prettiest friend or the smartest friend or even the friend that gets the most attention from boys. I have even seen girls become best friends with another girl to boost her popularity! It is disgusting honestly. A friendship that is based on competition will only result in the bringing down and belittling of both sides, no questions asked. A friendship should be mutual, not for the benefit of one. The relationship will not be productive if it is not that way, and this first aspect needs to be heard. Women in this society view other women as competitors and rivals instead of sisters and helpers, and I truly want this issue to resolve itself. This is catty world we live in and I hope that there are more women that take the side I am on. Power to the sistahs!

2. Be Strong (AND In The Right Mind) For Each Other When the Other Is Not

An essential for a great friendship with a girlfriend! Girls are emotional – it is not just a stereotype or anything anyone should be ashamed of no matter what gender. We all get emotional! When emotions come into play, sometimes the mind tends to wander off and it starts to think differently. Girlfriends are meant to keep their girls in check when this happens! A girlfriend needs to be the other half or the missing piece when pieces are missing. Also, good friends are honest and do not hold back their opinion. Even though the truth might be brutally honest and probably exactly what you didn’t want to hear at that moment, I am sure your girls are thinking of what is right for you. Trust them! You would want them to trust you if the roles were switched, and I know they love you!

3. Spend Equality Time With Each Other

Sadly, many of my relationships right now – my best friends, my boyfriend, some of my family – are long distance. Distance will make this aspect a little harder for a relationship, but it is even more important to spend time with the people you love when distance plays a role into the relationship. You can ask Lydia! One time she drove towards my house (which note is an hour and a half a way from hers) to go to Top Golf with her family and I met her for only an hour because of how the timing worked out. That hour, though, was well needed and something that I definitely still cherish! If it is possible, don’t just text once a week with your girlfriend to check on each other. Try to meet up, spend the night, Facetime if it’s really long distance. Face-to-face interaction, according to my Communications class sophomore year, makes all the difference sometimes!

4. Acceptance and Unconditional Love

Oh yes, believe it or not… you must love your best girlfriend unconditionally. Love her when she’s moody and being a jerk, love her when she’s sad, love her when she’s happy and excited, love her all the time. I am a pretty weird person and I do some wacky things that maybe would scare away the “normal people,” like bust out my crumping pants in the middle of the day or scream at the top of my lungs for no reason, but my best friends love that and all the little eccentricities about me. When there is love between best friends, it enables both sides to fully embrace their true selves and to also be comfortable with doing that. No good relationship ever has any type of “holding back.” Embrace it! If you’re goofy, be goofy!

5. Uplift and Encourage

The most important one… this goes out to all of you girlfriends out there! This aspect might get a little tricky, haha. Influence and encouragement in Lydia and I’s eyes are most likely food related. “Jordyn, you need that fourth cookie. You deserve it!” But whether it is manning up to eat your fourth cookie or just mutual support before a test, the best girlfriend is the one that can give you a five second pep talk when you just need that extra umph in your day. Encourage each other to be healthy, encourage each other to work harder during the day, encourage each other to follow their dreams! Or if you are just starting this out, just a simple “I am proud of you” or “man you are going somewhere in life girl” will do you her well.

This goes for all women, not only just the friends. The best thing one woman can give to another one is support and encouragement. Become the lawyers, CEO’s, doctors, engineers, teachers, singers, and anything you else you want to be ladies! No one is stopping you! And also just be proud of the girls who are doing great things, don’t be intimidated or threatened. Words cannot express how proud I am of my best friend and this feeling should be felt towards all women no matter the age or the ambition. It is time for women to be proud of each other through all endeavors! Uplift and rise above the social standards and become the strong, beautiful women I know you are.

Have a great week this week ladies (and gentlemen)! And guys, I think this can all be helpful to your relationships with your bros. Give it a try, tell me how it goes!

Oh and Lydia, thanks for being the girl I can always count on for anything. You are the best! Love you more than a sister!

History in the Making | Fight for Equality

A momentous day for many! This morning, the United States Supreme Court decided to legalize gay marriage in all 50 states with a vote of 5-4. I was so overjoyed to see the “BREAKING NEWS” banner on the news this morning and the footage of many individuals fighting for their martial freedom! In my eyes, this day not only marked a turning point for the LGBT community, but also a turning point for the US and their constant fight for equality among the citizens. I am heterosexual. Many are heterosexual as well. Heterosexuality is obviously more respected among the country than homosexuality, and many heterosexuals are blind of the oppression that many homosexuals are facing. I am writing to speak out that I am not one of these individuals. I can see the oppression clearly even through my “straight eyes,” the hurt in my best friend’s eyes when he cannot marry his fiance in our state, the protestors on the news fighting for their freedom, the constant hate many of the LGBT community face by complete strangers.

Yes, I am Catholic. And in the words of the beautiful Pope Francis, which I gladly tweeted this afternoon, “If someone is gay and searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge.” I believe in LOVE over all. I believe that God made each and every one of his creations with a plan and unconditional love. Honestly, it doesn’t necessarily surprise me anymore when people confront me when they know I am Christian and proceed to tell me all of the horrifying encounters they have experienced. Many Christians I even known of personally continue to take part in a life of hatred, and what I respond to the comforters is that they haven’t met the right Christians yet. I know for sure that hate is discouraged in the Bible, therefore, I refuse to take part in it. Many have made this decision without hesitation either. I just hope that Christians in this country can at least show respect for all beings and can love the way God loves them. That is my take and opinion on religion and today’s event.

President Obama’s tweet this morning after the Supreme Court decision.

I believe ultimately that everyone should at least be able to marry who they want to marry without governmental interference. Just listening to the speech of the Ohio man who can now place his name on his partner’s death certificate and even seeing pictures on social media of elderly women in wheelchairs in court to marry each other once the bill was passed, my heart is happy on this day. Now my friends can marry their chosen partners. All I hope for is further actions towards equality in other identifying fields such as gender and race. We all know how supportive I am of equal pay in America! Hopefully this worldwide movement can open up the minds of many and can encourage others to spread love. Go equal opportunity!