How to Make Your Morning Commute (A Little) Easier


Since I do live in the suburbs, I have to do quite a bit of  commuting to school and work everyday. I spend at least two to three hours in the car every school day. It may sound excessive, but my university is highly regarded and easily one of the best universities in my city. Personally, I do enjoy my commute! I like the time alone to myself to think. Some people, however, absolutely hate their commute. So, I decided to dedicate this week’s post to my anti-commute readers. Here are a few things I have found that made my commute easier:


What’s a commute without music? I honestly believe the Spotify playlist creators are blessed by God. The “Genre & Moods” tab on the Spotify app shows tons and tons of playlists for any occasion. My favorite playlists on this feature are:

Spotify also has a great premium subscriptions which includes unlimited skips on Radio, downloads that can be played without WiFi or internet connection, and the best feature… no advertisements! Definitely a game changer in music apps.

Convenient Snacks

I love to schedule my classes as early as possible. It might sound crazy, but I love being able to get my classes done before (or just after) noon so that I can have the rest of my day to work on homework and run errands. My early classes, however, guarantees that I will hit morning rush traffic. Grr! The traffic sometimes adds thirty whole minutes onto my commute time, so to give me a little more sleep at night, I pack my breakfast for the ride. I do not condone driving with one hand, but if you can handle it, I highly recommend snacks and meals that are easy to eat on your commute. Try to find snacks that will fit in a cup like pretzels, veggie straws, or even a nice smoothie. This guarantees a clean car and a happy belly! 😊


You don’t need to be 40 or over to listen to a podcast or two people! I love podcasts actually. It’s kind of like you’re having a conversation with another person. Many podcasts on the iTunes are free to download too! Plus, you can find a podcast for any interest really. Here are some great ones:

Google Maps

You may not think you need Google Maps if you’ve been taking your commute for a while now. I think it’s always best to check your Google Maps before you leave the house! You want to know before hand what large road closures are coming your way. That way, you will never get hit with any surprise detour or with a huge traffic fiasco. Be prepared!

A Phone Dock

This is essential for me! When I am commuting I want to easily look at my Google Maps or any app that is open at the time. Even if you’re not using your phone to do any of things I am suggesting, it is great to have your phone up and within eye’s view just in case. You will never have to look down to see who’s calling you or miss a green light again!