Oh My Gogi

Yesterday, I completed another task off of my “The List” (that is featured on one of the tabs at the top of my blog), and boy was it a yummy one! Houston is known for their amazing eats and deals, and there was one thing that has been hyped up by many in the area that I felt like I needed to do this summer:

Eat from a Legit Food Truck

Me in front of the OhMyGogi! truck.

This is OhMyGogi! , a Korean-Mexican Fusion food truck in the Houston area. The menu has items from Kimchi Quesadillas all the way to even fries covered in Korean beef, Sriracha, and cheese. Honestly looks really weird at first glance, but believe me… once you taste it, you won’t regret it!

Outfit Details – Long Grey Cardigan – Cotton On, High Neck Cami – Forever 21, Black High Rised Shorts H&M, Grey Toms

Gogi Burger at Barnie’s Backyard.

The item on the menu that I decided to try was the Gogi Burger which had Korean bulgogi, colby jack, spicy mayo, sriracha, lettuce, onion, cabbage, and cilantro. Looks messy, but everything stayed together and the mixture of flavors perfectly complimented the burger. Pretty heavy burger to eat by yourself, but sharing was perfect.

Devin and I playing with Ja’s clip on fisheye lens in front of the truck.
(L-R) Jaycob, Ja, Me, Devin, and Noah group picture before we headed out!

And what made the whole taste-testing journey better – the fam! Eating can be pretty boring without great company, so I am happy I got to spend last night with these amazing people. Big thanks to Ja, Jaycob, Devin, and Noah for making the night very fun!

By the way, if any one wants to try OhMyGogi! in the near future, you can either go to their website to look at their menu or their twitter @OhMyGogi to find location updates and specials throughout the day.


Houston Rodeo and Livestock Show

Two posts in a week? Not the normal for Jordyn, I know! But this was a must! Today, I visited #RodeoHouston for the second time. The first time, which was obviously because Bruno Mars (one of the longest loves of my life) was performing, was quite enjoyable and I was able to spend it with friends and family. This time also hosted a chart topper artist – Ariana Grande. From even “Victorious,” I had been a fan of Ariana Grande, her look, her talent, and her style. Regardless of the rumors of her being stuck up or spoiled, I truly believe that she expresses confidence in everything that she does – which is a message I have been trying to spread to many girls my age. So anyways, I would like to update you on this great night and provide pictures as well as commentary if that is okay with you!

Prep Time: Outfit/Makeup

Alright, so I realized that that is outfit is more on the SXSW side than normal Rodeo attire. I swear I belong in California lol. Here is the makeup I decided on wearing today:

My make-up and hair before leaving the house.

For makeup, I mostly stayed with my normal routine and just darkened up the eyes and darkened the contour.

What’s on my face? Foundation – Loreal Liquid Nude Long Wear; Eyelook – Lorac Pro Pallete and the Naked Basics Pallete; Liquid Liner – Loreal Infallible 12hr wear

As for the outfit . . .

Ariana Grande Rodeo Outfit

I really don’t know where I was going with this outfit. This definitely could have been a music festival outfit, even though there are no music festivals for me to go to because I have school all the time. Anyways, so here I am wearing a white collared short sleeve blouse from Forever 21, a pair of black, sequined shorts from Urban Outfitters (which might I add was only $9.99 when I bought it), a floppy black hat from The Buckle, a owl necklace from probably Charming Charlie’s, gladiators, and a side bag.

The Food: What Else Can I Possibly Fry?

Well one thing I love about the rodeo, other than the concerts, are the fried food. From fried red velvet cake to hot dogs, the rodeo will not disappoint when you have a fatty-foods craving. TIP: Do not eat more than 2 fried oreos. Your stomach will hurt the whole night because of its sweetness!

The Concert: The Honeymoon Tour

Lastly, the WHOLE REASON we came to the rodeo – Ariana Grande. The show was great and the dancers had a lot of energy. Also, her sparkly one piece body suit was amazing. This morning, I was a little horse from all the screaming. She didn’t disappoint (even though I tell which songs she was lip syncing over).

Song Recommendation: Adore by Cashmere Cat and Ariana Grande