Monday Finds #1

Happy Monday, lovelies! I spend a lot of my time on the computer with school and blogging, so I am constantly seeing new ideas and new things. As I was looking through Pinterest, Bloglovin’, and other sites I thought to myself “Hey, why don’t I share these new finds with my followers?” And thus, the Sunday Finds series is born! I may not be able to find tons of finds every week but I would love to make this a habit. Giving all of my positivity to my followers this Monday! Here’s what I saw this week:


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Honeymoon Hotel Etsy Shop  // This shop as so many pretty, minimalistic prints that you could put anywhere in your house! Check it out! The prints come in a variety of sizes and really can spruce up any plain area.

A Color Story // I finally found a new photo editing app guys! If you have ever seen my Instagram, my “theme” per say is high exposure and clarity. I love bright colors! This app is great for it. Try to look at the sample pictures and of this post I found on “A Beautiful Mess” about editing on this fabulous app. Definitely a must-download!

To-Go Snacks // This blog post will save me a lot of tummy grumbles on my way to school. I’ve been looking for “snack box” type snacks to bring to school that I can prepare the night before. These boxes have awesome protein boosters, like hummus and peanut butter, all the way the fruits and vegetables.

Casual Office Wear Outfit // I was offered the position for new job earlier today! Yay! A part of my job will consist of office hours, where I will pretty much be doing clerical work and errand-running for my organization. The organization is a nonprofit, so the office dress code is casual. I need outfits that are not too professional for school but not too casual for the office. This one will do right? A bit of distressing on the pant for style and a loose blazer-like duster on top.

I wish you all a great Monday! May the caffeine and sweet treats keep you awake!



Houston Rodeo and Livestock Show

Two posts in a week? Not the normal for Jordyn, I know! But this was a must! Today, I visited #RodeoHouston for the second time. The first time, which was obviously because Bruno Mars (one of the longest loves of my life) was performing, was quite enjoyable and I was able to spend it with friends and family. This time also hosted a chart topper artist – Ariana Grande. From even “Victorious,” I had been a fan of Ariana Grande, her look, her talent, and her style. Regardless of the rumors of her being stuck up or spoiled, I truly believe that she expresses confidence in everything that she does – which is a message I have been trying to spread to many girls my age. So anyways, I would like to update you on this great night and provide pictures as well as commentary if that is okay with you!

Prep Time: Outfit/Makeup

Alright, so I realized that that is outfit is more on the SXSW side than normal Rodeo attire. I swear I belong in California lol. Here is the makeup I decided on wearing today:

My make-up and hair before leaving the house.

For makeup, I mostly stayed with my normal routine and just darkened up the eyes and darkened the contour.

What’s on my face? Foundation – Loreal Liquid Nude Long Wear; Eyelook – Lorac Pro Pallete and the Naked Basics Pallete; Liquid Liner – Loreal Infallible 12hr wear

As for the outfit . . .

Ariana Grande Rodeo Outfit

I really don’t know where I was going with this outfit. This definitely could have been a music festival outfit, even though there are no music festivals for me to go to because I have school all the time. Anyways, so here I am wearing a white collared short sleeve blouse from Forever 21, a pair of black, sequined shorts from Urban Outfitters (which might I add was only $9.99 when I bought it), a floppy black hat from The Buckle, a owl necklace from probably Charming Charlie’s, gladiators, and a side bag.

The Food: What Else Can I Possibly Fry?

Well one thing I love about the rodeo, other than the concerts, are the fried food. From fried red velvet cake to hot dogs, the rodeo will not disappoint when you have a fatty-foods craving. TIP: Do not eat more than 2 fried oreos. Your stomach will hurt the whole night because of its sweetness!

The Concert: The Honeymoon Tour

Lastly, the WHOLE REASON we came to the rodeo – Ariana Grande. The show was great and the dancers had a lot of energy. Also, her sparkly one piece body suit was amazing. This morning, I was a little horse from all the screaming. She didn’t disappoint (even though I tell which songs she was lip syncing over).

Song Recommendation: Adore by Cashmere Cat and Ariana Grande