Sunshine Blogger Award

Great news lovelies! I was nominated for my first Blogger Award. I want to thank the lovely BEXoxoBlog for nominating me. Go check her out guys! She has this page on her blog that is devoted to journaling her dreams. How cool is that? Without further adieu, here’s the award:fotorcreated


  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Answer the questions from your nominator.
  3. Nominate fellow bloggers you follow.
  4. Give them 10 questions to answer!


1. Are you a coffee drinker or tea drinker?

Personally, I don’t like to say I’m one or the other. I do not drink either often enough! I feel like there is a time for coffee and a time for tea, and I drink in accordance to that. For example, I am a coffee drinker in the mornings if I need a little extra energy or something sweet. I tend to drink teas typically towards the afternoon and night time. Another thing to know about me is I will almost always prefer my coffee and tea iced. I only drink them warm if I feel sick or chilly.

2. Where is one place in the world that you want to visit?

I would love to visit Japan. It’s the first on my list! My fascination with Japanese culture is not only because I’m Japanese myself – I just love everything I’ve seen! The aspects of the country that I love most is the fashion, food (of course), and all of the stationary things. I’m just ready to come back from Japan with a suitcase full of cute stuff, honestly.

3. What is the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?

I took my first three-day long road trip through states I’ve never been to at 18. I think it was fun because I really haven’t traveled by myself like that before. Kekoa and I weren’t even old enough to reserve hotel rooms in some states. We had a problem checking into one of our reservations, actually because we weren’t 21. It was a mess, but it was such a fun time.

 4. What has been your favorite vacation destination and why?

You guys might think it’s crazy for me to choose anything other than Hawaii since I visit there all the time. My favorite vacation destination is actually Disneyworld/Disneyland! All of my fondest memories are in both of these Disney parks. I think Disney has an overwhelmingly magical feeling. When I walk into any of the parks, my heart beats fast and a smile instantly appears on my face. I love Disney, and I feel like I will never feel otherwise just because how great it is.

5. Do you believe in love at first sight?

I do believe that it is possible. I am one to believe that attraction should not be based on appearance, but sometimes you just know. It was actually kind of weird with my boyfriend and I. Even though I knew him a little as a child, I didn’t really know know him. When I was a little bit older, I always would imagine my future with him. I didn’t know what kind of guy he was or if I even like him like that, but just by looking I had that infatuation with him.

6. What’s your favorite movie?

My favorite movie is You’ve Got Mail. This movie a bit of an older one, and many will not know of it. It’s about an older couple in their late 20s to early 30s who start their relationship as strangers through dial-up messenger and emails. You find out later in the movie that the two lovers are actually real life business-rivals! It is hilarious and gives you such a warm-heart feeling.

7. Do you collect anything?

I do! So, I have yet to make a blog post about this but I created this thing called the “postcard project.” I buy and collect postcards on every trip, and on the backside I journal while I’m there. I just take few minutes while I’m there to journal and then I snap a picture! The picture is then printed and taped to the back of the post card! I thought it would be great to accumulate all of the postcards throughout my years, and also see what I felt at that time.

 8. What is something that you are looking forward to at this very moment?

I am looking forward to Christmas time! Ahh, it is my favorite season of the year if you guys didn’t know! It’s the season of giving and love and I just love the feeling that time of year gives me. It’s just full of family, and cozy chill weather!

9. Out of your posts, which one is your favorite? Why?

I think my favorite post is my 17 Things I Learned the Year I Turned 17. That was two, almost three years ago and I think I was growing up the most at that point in my life. I put so much thought into what I truly did learn that year, and it’s just really nice to look at things like that!

10. What is one of your pet peeves

Everyone who knows me knows that I HATE disorganization. When I see someone is disorganized, I organize as quickly as I can. I don’t get how people can just through their papers in their backpack without a folder, for example. I hate when things are not categorized, so expect me to organize your bookshelf the next time I visit your house 😉


Questions for Nominees:

If you would spend a day with one person (dead or alive) who would it be?

Favorite song when you were in your pre-teen/early-teen years.

Favorite beauty product?

If you had to eat the same meal everyday of your life, what would you choose? Be specific!

A few goals for the next five years?

Guilty pleasure?

Do you prefer your hair curly or straight?

Explain one of the most surreal moments in your life.

Would you rather wear a bathing suit everywhere you go for a week or go a month without shaving?

What’s your go-to feel good movie?

Congratuations to all the bloggers who were nominated!