Girl Boss Gift Guide

We all know this girl – the one who seems to have every aspect of her life together, who is constantly busy, and who kicks ass at what she does. Girl Bosses are everywhere! Are you a girl boss or do you know a girl boss? This is a perfect gift guide for the girl who works hard and who is doing everything in her power to reach her goals.


A LARGE Notebook is a must have for a girl boss. She is busy and taking names, so what better way to treat a Girl Boss than to buy her something she uses daily. You can opt for a cute, feminine design. I love gold foil, so naturally I would recommend something with gold foil all around it. White Cabana Striped Notebook, $18

Hand Cream is great for any girl that does a lot with her hands. These can be college students, teachers, office workers, business women, nurses, doctors, etc. This cutie hand cream is in the travel size section of Sephora and fits well into any purse. I personally use this brand’s hand cream, and it keeps my hands smooth and moisturized throughout the day without a greasy film like the rest of the hand creams give you. It’s Skin Mini Bebe Hand Cream, $5

Heels are not only a closet staple but also a confidence booster! When I wear heels, I automatically feel like my outfit is so much better. For a girl boss, it might be required to wear heels at her workplace so I would suggest a shorter heel. Beauty takes pain I know, but your feet and back will strain less with a shorter, more stable heel. Couldn’t find the link to this Steve Madden shoe! This is a similar one – Louise et Cie Kota Ankle Strap Pump, $1oo

Insulated Water Bottles keep your daily water intake cold throughout the day and is great for the environment. Busy, busy girls also may not have the time or the money to buy a cold water bottle whenever she feels thirsty. These bottles in particular are so sleek and are comparable to Hydroflask and Yeti manufacturing. S’well Onyx Water Bottle, $35

Sunglasses are a great stocking stuffer for any girl, girl boss or not. If you are in mood to splurge on a pair of sunglasses, I suggest Quay. They make super cute styles and many will double-take when passing you because most of the styles make a statement. Quay Australia High Key Gold Sunglasses, $60

Fashion Watch would be great as a statement piece. This gift is not only practical but also stylish. Busy girls, like myself, work on a hour-to-hour basis. No time should be wasted! A watch that’s as cute as this one will for sure help to keep your daily schedule throughout the day. BP Roundface Watch, $25

What’s a LLR gift guide without a planner? All of the girl bosses I know keep a planner religiously. But since a new year is approaching, a new pretty planner would be the absolute perfect gift. The Happy Planner, specifically, is great because the pages can be pulled out and cinched back in at any time. There are also covers, sticker books, and other accessories that you could buy as well! Create 365 Happy Planner Make Things Happen, $14

Last but not least, a Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick would be ideal to a girl with a busy schedule. Currently, liquid lipstick are the BIGGEST trend in make up. Every high end brand has a form of liquid lipstick, so you gift givers should have no problem picking one out! I suggest either going for an everyday nude shade or a bold, dark lip shade for the winter. Tarteist Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint in Fortune, $20

If you are interested in what other products or pieces are my favorite, I should be posting a favorites post very soon. If you have any other blog post suggestions or gifts that you found helpful, comment them below or message me on any one of my social media platforms. Happy Christmas shopping loves!


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