I Am Thankful For…

Happy Thanksgiving lovelies! This holiday season was quite a fun experience. I had a BIG Thanksgiving dinner with my family, a last-minute, late-night Black Friday experience, my first Black Friday retail shift, and a lot of heartwarming conversations with the love of my life. This Thanksgiving was all that I could ask for honestly and I hope you all had the same.

In spirits of Thanksgiving, I decided to tell you 15 things I am thankful for. These are things that are beside the conventional “my family, my boyfriend, the food, my life, and so on.”

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I am thankful for…

  • The view and the warm, cozy bed I get to wake up to every morning
  • The goosebumps I feel when the Holy Spirit surrounds me
  • Being able to document the great, wonderful experiences in my life
  • Strawberries and sugar (my favorite snack) 😉
  • Being able to talk to my best friend in South Dakota whenever I want
  • The new fit lifestyle I started this summer. Not totally committed to it, but I am for sure getting there
  • 24K Magic Album that has been in my ears from the day it was released
  • Making 100’s on two papers I totally did not put effort in
  • All of the standby plane seats I luckily sat in this year
  • Being able to reinvent my look by cutting my hair, wearing new clothes, changing my makeup routine
  • Having the luxury to spend a whole sick day watching Netflix in the dark
  • The $38 dollar Kate Spade wallet I hauled to the outlet mall to get. The original price was $119! What a steal!
  • The 9-hour Black Friday shift and the praise I was given after for my hard work
  • Having a loving heart and the people that tell me when they feel it
  • The “aha” faith and life moments I have gotten this year. There have been so many!

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