New Papercraft Project on the Rise: PROJECT LIFE!

My planner tab is incredibly lonely! Time to introduce a new papercraft project I am starting – Project Life. If you have been an OG reader or Instagram follower, you’d know that I’ve dabbled in pocket scrapbooking before. This time… I want to go ALL OUT. In this post, I’m going to give y’all an intro to project life, how I will go about documenting my memories, my sources of inspiration, my future purchases, and what I will use to document my memories! If these spreads come out well, I might do short process videos or in-depth blog posts on how I create my spreads. So, let’s see how this goes!

So, what is Project Life and what makes it different than any other scrapbooking technique?

Project Life is a new scrapbooking technique for the busy body! Normal scrapbooks have 12×12 sheets and millions of embellishments. Even though I think scrapbooking is a great idea, I gravitate towards more minimal ways to craft. I don’t like things too busy and I like things I can easily escape in when I’m feeling stressed out. THIS is perfect project for me. Project Life is a pocket scrapbook, which means there are preset layouts that perfectly format photos. Typical Project Life journals have spreads for each of the 52 weeks of the year! That way you are constantly documenting, not just documenting when big events happen.

Kelly, Juli, Eat.jpg

My Inspiration Channels/Blogs

There are so many, but here are my absolute favorites

  • Kelly Purkey, obviously (Do I even need a description? Kelly Purkey is the QUEEN of Project Life. She has beautiful spreads and a shop with tons of great tools and embellishments to pretty up your Project Life Pages)
  • Juli Makes Things (Another one of my favorites! Juli Makes Things is a little closer in age to me and her spreads have a style that I really enjoy to look at and take inspiration from. This girl also has the newest and cutest supplies for her papercraft projects)
  • Eat Scrap Bake (I think Eat Scrap Bake’s spreads are the airy, minimal layouts that I wish to have. Her style is absolutely gorgeous and I love the way she uses colors while still maintaining a minimal theme)

Things I will be purchasing to start off –

Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 6.35.58 PM.png



Project Life Grey 12×12 Cloth Scrapbook – This album is currently sold out on the Becky Higgins website! If I can get my hand on this beauty, I will. If not, I will probably find a black, white, beige album.




Project Life Photo Pocket Pages, Big Variety Pack 1 – Pocket Pages, of course, are a must for this project. I wanted a good variety of layouts this go around so I can find my style! I like how this one has big square layouts.



Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 6.51.01 PM.png


A Studio Calico Documenter Kit or the Currently Edition Core Kit – (Or both, lol) What’s a Project Life album without filler cards? I think I need a good set of cards to work with when I’m first starting out.





The Journal It Stamp by Feed Your Craft & The Dalton Letter Stamp by Kelly Purkey – I think with these stamps, I’ll be able to test out different kinds of embellishments and styles. Along with this, I will also get some simple ink colors and an acrylic block!


My Approach –

  • I’m going to TRY to do all 52 weeks! I feel like completing one spread every week may get a bit overwhelming, though. We’ll see how it goes!
  • I want to follow Kelly Purkey’s technique of stamping the date on every weekly spread. I think it’s a great idea to document what time of year it is to the events that are taking place.
  • Stamping, stamping, stamping! I want to incorporate a lot of stamping and embellishment techniques.

Overall guys, it’s all really exciting to me! I can’t wait to start this project January 2017! Let me know if y’all want me to document every part of the process or if you want pictures of my spreads.


2 thoughts on “New Papercraft Project on the Rise: PROJECT LIFE!

  1. Just stumbled to your blog… so excited to see some of your layouts! I’ve been doing Project Life for a couple of years, but never put them up on a blog. My blog is a little new and I plan on putting things there from time to time. Cheers!


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