Back to School Supplies Haul

It’s August and you know what that means! School. With each year that passes, I get less and less motivated to start the school season. The sleepless nights, the countless hours of studying, and the stress of it all awaiting takes away all of my excitement sadly. What keeps my motivation up in college is… you guess it… school supplies! Here’s what I have to start the new semester:


1/2″ Ring Binder: Since I am taking six classes, I want to minimize the amount of supplies that I put in my backpack. It’s a little excessive to create six different notebooks for each class, so I decided to take a chance with a binder. A binder will also allow me to take only what I need when I’m traveling or studying in other places other than school and home during the year!


Dividers and Page Protectors: I think this is essential for my binder! Not only are these binder dividers beautiful, but they will always keep me organized. Oh, and the page protectors will be used to store the syllabus and handouts if there are any!

Durable Composition Notebook: Just because I’m transitioning to the binder life, it doesn’t mean I might have the urge to use a notebook for a certain class! I decided to pick up this inexpensive notebook from Walmart. Just in case! The covers are flexible, so i’m pray for no visible wear and tear at the end of the year.

IMG_1603 (1).jpg

0.38 m Pens Black: Muji is the latest craze in the stationery world! Recently, I asked my aunty to pick me up a few notebooks and the pens just to try. From the first word I wrote, I fell in love. The quality is amazing and the pigmentation of the black is perfect. So ready to use these to perfect my notes. Also, I just decided to pick up the Pilot G2’s in 0.38 to compare. I love them both!


Bullet Journal: What’s an essentials post without a bullet journal, am I right? My bullet journal serves as my planner in this case. I have everything in my bullet journal to my school schedule, to-do lists for each week, a list of all of my assignments for the semester, everything you could think of. I’ll be putting out a blog post on student-friendly bullet journal spreads in the future too.


Headphones: You always need a good pair of headphones when you’re going to school! These helped me with my walks around campus, my visits to the gym, and my lunch breaks.


Zebra Midliner Highlighters: I’m hopping on the bandwagon… these things are amazing! First of all, have you ever seen a gray highlighter as beautiful as this one? I mostly purchased these beauties for my bullet journal, but I know these will come in handy when I’m taking notes.

IMG_1584 (1)

What did you guys buy for the new school season? Leave it in the comments! Junior year of college, here I come!



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