Lake Tahoe Travel Diary

If any of y’all follow me on Instagram or Twitter, or even Snapchat for that matter, you would know that I’ve spent the last week in Lake Tahoe! This was a family trip including my grandparents, my cousin, an my dad’s Aunty and Uncle. I just got back a few hours ago and I know this time difference is gonna take a toll on my body, but these pictures are too beautiful not to share!


We ended every jam-packed day at the Fallen Leaf Campground for dinner. This is where half of our party stayed and camped (while my family slept in the warm, wifi-filled Hard Rock Casino and Hotel 😉). The campground included their own scenic lake too, which had a view that definitely surprised me! A few of these pictures came from the Emerald Bay Lookout. And if that wasn’t cool enough, I got to cruise through Emerald Bay on the M.S. Dixie Boat Cruise! The boat cruise was by far the BEST part of the trip, and is for sure worth the cost. Anyone who wants to visit Tahoe, do me favor and go on this boat cruise! Our family did so much during this trip that is not featured in this travel diary too like aerial tram rides/High Camp at Squaw Valley, the UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center, the old western Virginia City, drag races at Hot August Nights, and so much more. Sadly, my camera was dead for a good amount of it. These pictures, however, are truly extraordinary and does not do the actual place justice at all! Definitely once-in-a-lifetime type views. I didn’t even know this place existed or was THIS beautiful!

You probably will not see any Travel Diaries for a while, since the busy fall semester is coming. You will, however, see more Bullet Journal posts, monthly favorites, and playlists coming up. Thanks for reading!

See you guys with the new blog posts very soon,



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