Sending Support and Love to Sergey Ozerov

A few weeks ago, I was kindly asked my one of my friends Joanna to share her perspective of one of her nights at work and also a little more about Sergey to you all:

“Sergey came from Russia almost two years ago to give a better life to his wife and three daughters. He a big, tall, muscular Russian guy with obviously broken English, but has the biggest heart you won’t believe!!! His a provider, a protector, a husband, and a father . He is seriously one of the most hardest working men I have ever met. Worked 6 days a week to provide for his family the best he could . Wednesday night, I was the only manager closing and someone from an apartment complex near the store call me to tell me he was gunned down. I literally broke out in tears calling the cops and my boss, while sending the other drivers to go with him in the ambulance. So here’s the scenario: He was just doing his job, dropped off a pizza, and as he was walking over to his car, the men approached him and asked for his money and keys. He gave them everything. Didn’t even put up a fight. They shot him 5 times – two in the leg, one in the back, one in the chest, and one in the stomach. He just yelled and yelled in pain and from fear of leaving his family behind. Doctors say it’s a miracle he’s even alive. Not just any human body can survive such trauma, but he’s strong. He’s strong for his family and for everyone that loves him. He’s in the hospital still and is gonna need a lot of counseling and physical therapy.”

What a heart-wrenching story. I cannot imagine ever working and being compromised for my safety like Sergey was. My heart and prayers go out to him and his family, as well as all other workers who have been put into situations like these. So if you could, please send all your positive energy and prayers to them.

Fifteen days ago, we were updated saying that he is now doing well and is in the ICU. Even though things are going well, the financial burden may be detrimental to Sergey and his family. There is a GoFundMe account linked below that will go towards his recovery fees and family fees while he is recuperating. Read more and share if you can!

Thank you for reading and big thank you to Joanna for sharing.




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