What’s on my iPhone

Hello there! So since it is summer, I am trying my very hardest to put up new blog posts as often as I can. To look for inspiration, I obviously go straight to YouTube because one day I hope that I can do YouTube as my main source of creativity versus a blog. My blog is something that I can definitely  do anywhere, so it was my first creativity source! I figured i’d show you what’s on my iPhone as well as my current case and favorite apps to start with this summer series!

The Phone/Case

I have an iPhone 6 in Gold and i’m hoping to upgrade once the 7 comes out! My case is from Sonix, and I purchased it at Nordstrom Rack for $16.97. Tip: Check places like Nordstrom Rack, Marshalls, and Ross before buying an expensive phone case. They might have it for super cheap.


Screensaver & Home Screen

Of course my screenshot is a picture of my love. This picture specifically brings to many great memories into my head, so I love to look at it every time I unlock my phone. Also, this is my homescreen! My screensaver is a bible verse from the app She Reads Truth, which is a Bible and devotional app. As you can see, I do organize my apps into folders and keep the ones I use the most out on its own. At the bottom, I keep my phone, mail, music, and Safari browser open because I tend to access those the most. Oh! And I forgot to put my other page up, but that page has all the basic apps the iPhone comes with. That’s where my Messenger and FaceTime is if you’re wondering : I just use one real page on my phone because I feel too impatient to scroll through millions of pages to find one app. On this homepage, I always have my social media apps outside of a folder for easy access. If I am on my phone, I’m likely to be on social media! Speaking of, follow me on Snapchat if you want to see what I’m up to on a day to day basis.

My Favorite Apps at the Moment

Waterlogged: This app will help with one of my summer goals. Did you know majority of the world is dehydrated at this very second? Seeing the average amount of ounces I was supposed to drink a day was quite alarming. I didn’t think I could do it, but this app tries to keep me on track on my hydration. What I like is that the interactive bottle will flow and show you what percentage of your goal you have reached. It also gives you many options of what kind of container of water you drank and a handy reminders page that will notify you when your next scheduled water time is.

UNUM: Now for my favorite app of the month! This is something I just found out from Jasmin Rossol, a Youtuber I frequently watch. For all the people who have an Instagram theme, this app is a lifesaver! I used VSCOcam before the update to upload photos and test them out with my Instagram theme. The new update, sadly made the feature of the app very hard to use. This is where UNUM kicks in! When first downloading the app, you will see a screen that asks for your login for your Instagram. In seconds, your entire feed pops up on the app and you are able to use at least 9 empty spaces to upload new, possible photos. The app also has a feature where you can shift the placement of each photo if you are a person that plans your uploads. Lastly, this app is able to post Instagram photos for you at a scheduled time if you would like. How cool right? The app is free in the App Store and on Android, so try it out!

Ibotta: The last app I want to feature is Ibotta, which is a rebate app. My family is CONSTANTLY grocery shopping, so I always ask for their receipts. How this app works is you go to the store, buy your groceries, and then search the app for rebates. Each rebate you use will give you $0.25 to almost $5.00 cash back. The apps has tons of popular grocery stores like Target, Walmart, Costo. Some of the rebates are for simple items as well like “any Milk product” or “Kale.” Then, once you’re finished loading the rebates, you take a picture of your receipt and money will be sent to your account. You have the chance, at that time to load the money onto a giftcard of your choice or for it to sent straight to your bank account through Venmo or Paypal. I use this for Amazon giftcards to help with my Bullet Journal obsession 😉

Thanks for reading my post guys! I’m hoping to post every Tuesday and Thursday from now on, so keep a lookout for more content!



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