Bullet Journal | May and June

I started my bullet journal at the end of April, and I’m in love with the idea! Whenever I am in the school semesters, I swear change planners at least twice. Sometimes I need  spreads with really long daily sections. Sometimes my week is pretty clear, and I feel like i’m wasting space. Sometimes I need a lot of room to look at everything monthly. The bullet journal solves all of my planner problems AND adds so much more into my planning. Here are a few of my favorite spreads I have created for May and June!

Summer Weekly Spread

This spread I feel perfect for the summer weeks. As you can see, I was wrapping up my Spring semester. I had to check my final grades and submit my term papers. What I love about this spread is that it saved so much space for extra activities. On the “weekly review” part of the spread, you can see my habit tracker, my favorite shows of the moment,  and a gratitude log!

weekly edited

Fitness Log

In May, I joined a gym! *Applause* To make sure I am not wasting my money on a membership AND to keep track of how frequently I go to the gym, I decided to log my gym time. Each entry includes the date, day of the week, what my theme is (or what parts of the body I am working), and few of the activities I did while there. Let’s hope this habit will stick!


Idea Page

I’m going to be honest. This page was mainly so I could practice my calligraphy. I told myself that I needed to learn how to do calligraphy by my wedding day, so I think I have a long time practice. Anyways, here are two pages I used to put down my ideas. There are TONS and TONS of lists you can make like this, so do anything you want!


Summer School Schedule/Media Tracker

I left A LOT of room for pages that aren’t monthly, weekly, or daily spreads in the month of June. This BuJo is definitely my trial journal before the fall semester starts! So now, I have a lot of freedom to try different spreads and see which ones I used the most. The left side is a run down of the summer classes I am taking. Sorry about all the black boxes! Just wanted to keep the privacy of the professors and the campuses I’m taking the classes at. Since I am officially in the end-cap of my undergrad degree, I have to take classes this summer to fill in some of my credits. The right side is a list of movies that I watched this summer. I find that I watch a lot of TV shows, and hardly watch movies! My personal goal is to at least watch sixteen movies this summer. Here’s a creative way to document my progress!

classes edited

Habit Tracker

I might be a bit OCD, but does anyone else hate the habit trackers that are landscape instead of portrait. This habit tracker spread is pretty cool because I can separate each task and separates the tasks even further into an “everyday” and a “not everyday” section. I also really dig the banners as a title!


These are a just a few spreads that I find work for me! Please feel free to comment and like the post if you liked the ideas. Also, if you would like to link your ideas into the comments that would be awesome! I love looking at other bullet journal spreads!


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