Womanly Aspiration | Gina Rodriguez

Recently, I have fallen in love with the CW’s show Jane the Virgin. This series mixes both comedy and drama in such a traditional, cultural, yet modern way. Other than the amazing story line and the incredible actors of the show, I found that this show is very empowering to young women. Gina Rodriguez tells the story of an ambitious, Latino woman who is thrown a myriad of challenges, but makes the best of each situation given. Not only is Gina an a great actress, but she stands for so many great things. Her energy and intellect really caught my attention. I now view her as a role model! Here are some reasons why and also a few lessons I have learned from her already:

Push for self-confidence and body acceptance For many young girls, it is difficult to accept their body when they have a set view of what is “beautiful.” The thing that is interesting is that the world’s, per say, take on beauty is constantly changing. This inconsistency shows that beauty must be so much more than what is in with the trends or what is popular. Gina really speaks truth when she says that any woman can look sexy in lingerie and expresses so elegantly that every body is beautiful.

Naja (ny-ah) and her confidence in her own sexuality Sexuality is something that I feel very strongly about and try defend if issues arise. I feel that the taboo of female sexuality hurts young girls, especially when first being introduced with the idea of sexuality. The rise of double standards as well negatively effects girl’s views of their own sexuality. Sexuality should be something very beautiful, yet still private and intimate to the one a woman decides to share it to. Women should never be ashamed of their sexuality because it truly is a beautiful thing! Gina’s lingerie line silently represents that!

Profits going to educating girls in Columbia I think everyone knows at this point how passionate I am about equal opportunity. I believe that every child no matter the ethnicity, social class, religion, or ability deserves to be educated if wanting to. In other countries, women are hardly ever seen as intellects. A woman’s care and compassion serves as a weakness in some cultures, which I believe isn’t fair to the little girls that do have big aspirations in academics. If every woman was given the opportunity to learn in the past, image how much more advanced our world could be. What if the mind of one of those little girls who is forbidden to pursue education has the cure for cancer? Things like this are often overlooked.

Her extreme sense of self Nothing is more interesting of a person as their own sense of self. You can tell by Gina’s wise words and approach to certain topics that she is not only confident in herself, but she has also taken time to explore and solidify her beliefs. With this set of beliefs that she has built, Gina radiates with just a deep connection with herself and the world around her.

Holding strong to your convictions and how that can relate to anything big or small in life Sadly, there are many women who are not strong to their conviction. Right when a man that treats her right comes into the picture, all of her convictions that she felt “so strongly” about before just disappears. I think the strongest women are the ones who hold strong to their convictions. For me, some of my convictions that I hold strong on are my faith, my fight for equal opportunity, etc.

Appreciation for people and feeling energy from others In this interview Gina comments on the broadcaster’s energy and how she is inspired and touched by it. For me, this energy is acknowledged most of the time upon the first meeting. By the way I feel when talking to a person, I am able to decipher who is interesting and trust worthy, and who is bad-news. I seek energy in places I want to go to, people I conversate with, anything. This is why I love certain study spots or like hanging around a select group of people. I thrive off of good energy, so it is crucial for me to fill my life with as much positive, loving energy as I can.

Rooted in faith the personal relationship with God “I’m not afraid to thank my God every morning. In public, in private, in my car, when i’m showering because the truth is it’s mine and I own it.  And if anybody is going to get upset at me for that, then I can’t wait till they meet theirs.” Such a beautiful statement! This is exactly how I feel about my faith! I commend all who are able to openly express their faith wherever they go.

Accepting Golden Globe for groups of people “Women, every little girl and boy with a dream, every brown baby,” she says is who she accepts her first Golden Globe for. With her acceptance speech, Gina practically shows the entire audience her heart and the reason she is an actress. She is an advocate for equal opportunity, and I couldn’t agree more with her fight for equality.

Art as a “story to tell” Many actors and actresses have this same outlook on their work. I find it so inspiring that Gina uses her talents to help others. I think that as a future teacher, I can truly truly relate to that. With a job as big as media, Gina could really make a difference with the kind of influence she has as a celebrity.

When something is done well, you just want to sink your teeth into it. This is my aspiration in life, my wanting. I want to create things that are done well, that others want to sink their teeth into. Most importantly though, I am always searching for programs, people, places where there is that “wow, this is special” feeling. When you are surrounded by things that inspire you, you start to become more inspiring to others as well. The idea that you are what you consume is pure psychology. Positive music, positive people, positive influences = positive outlook on life. I always reach to find more people and things that will allow me to appreciate life for what it really is.

Woman make their voices known are “regal, delicious” First of all, amazing key points am I right?  She speaks so elegantly and proud of being a woman. I, too, find women who make their voices known as “regal [and] delicious” because it shows that the woman is secure of herself and is willing to stand above unpopular belief to speak for what she believes in. Who ever says women cannot cause a movement or evoke change is surely wrong!

Overall, Gina is a beautiful beautiful woman that I pay much respect to! It is so refreshing to see a woman that not only is proud of her culture, but is also very strong-minded and grounded. I can’t wait to see more of her work in her future projects!


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