Semester in Review | Spring 2016

Wow, such a great semester! Granted… I am super glad it’s over and all the finals are done. So for Spring 2016, I decided to move to full time hours again. The semester before was pretty much treated as my “trial semester” or my “adjustment semester” since I had just transitioned to a Tier One university. This is how my grades turned out in the end…

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 4.44.06 PM

God really showed me that I can do anything I put my mind to. This semester, I was overflowed by His abundant grace. When things got difficult, I set my mind on Him.

I realized that it is silly for me to worry. Not only because I know i’m doing everything I can to ace these classes, but also because I know that God already created His plan for me. He knows what is in store for me and will guide me in the way He sees fit. I owe all my accomplishments and welldoings to Him.

Highlights of my semester: 

  • An amazing set of classmates that share the same major and interest as me. I was given great clarity that I chose the field I was destined to be in. These girls showed me that i’m not crazy for fantasizing my bulletin boards in my classroom AND most importantly showed me that this passion for education/children is nothing subtle.
  • A student org that I feel loved in. I decided to jump ship and join a student organization. In the organization I was entered into a “family system” and was immediately welcomed into the community by their kindness. Even though I was not as involved as I would’ve liked to be, I always left with smiles after meetings and events.
  • Leading worship was my escape. After a crazy round of exams, I loved to go to Wednesday nights at my church and lead worship. Even though the teens are younger than me, I am always inspired by their love and devotion to our God. I was able to use that time to reconnect with God and root myself in His love.
  • Development of Self-Regulated Learning. When first approaching this class, I labeled it as a “BS class” or a “Common Sense class.” This class actually was pretty great. I learned more about everything there is to know about time-management, my major, my personality, emotions, you name it. This class provided also a sort of closeness between my classmates and I. We were able to share a lot about our lives and personal struggles. You know that a class was great when the last instruction day ends in a round of applause.
  • Continued support from my family and boyfriend. Everyone knows that the stress of a school semester brings out everything other than my best side. Stress in general just brings a bad side out of me. No matter how crazy I was, my boyfriend and my family always tried to understand AND always tried to calm me down. I appreciate that so much, because with their cooperation, I was able to get through the semester smoothly.

An the end result = A’s. How great! Beside the A’s though, I actually learned a lot of psychology this semester. Now with this added knowledge, I believe I moreso understand why teens do the things they do and how to handle situations in the classroom. Blessed, blessed, blessed. Spring 2016 was tackled, and now let’s hope for the best for Summer 2016!



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