Girly Date in Downtown Houston

There is nothing better than a little catch up with a good friend! Crystal and I spent last Thursday afternoon exploring through Houston (mostly eating) and spending some quality time with each other. Crystal’s boyfriend, Ricky, just completed basic training for the Air Force so now we are both ‘milsos’ together! We have found so much more in common now with Ricky’s enlistment, and I love to share with her the tips and tricks of military relationships. We also found a greater closeness in our friendship because we FINALLY have a person that is closer to understanding how we feel.

To start off our day, we ate lunch at Spaghetti Warehouse. After our Italian food and good conversation, Crystal and decided on The Honeymoon Cafe for dessert. And might I say, that was DELICIOUS. My New Orlean’s style Doberge cake was probably one of the best cakes i’ve ever had in my life. The blackberries that were served with the cake created a perfect balance, and all Crystal and I could do the whole time is just let out several mmmm‘s with each bite.

As we walked off our wonderful dessert, I decided to tell Crystal about a great tourist spot that just so happened to be a few minute walk from Honeymoon. This overlook of Houston is completely free. For a moment, I stayed silent and just soaked in the beauty of the view we were seeing. Crystal and I both FaceTimed our loves because we felt the view was just something that needed to be shared. It is one of those sights that pictures and video cannot do it justice. You can see the little neighborhoods of Houston very clearly from this high up and you put yourself in perspective to the others walking on the street. To find this view, locate the JP Morgan Chase Tower in Downtown Houston and make your way up to the Sky Lobby on the 60th floor of the building.


Overall, the day was great. I am so glad to have a friend like Crystal who can relate to me in a way I felt many could not. She is a wonderful, wonderful human being who is so driven on her future. It is refreshing to find someone like that, who is on the same page. Would totally go out again… next time to a sushi place! Love yah, girl!


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