New Summer Goal

Since summer has OFFICIALLY started and I am finished with classes (till June), I decided to think up some things I need to catch up on. One of my summer goals that i’ve been meaning to do is read more! When I was younger, I never really found an interest in reading. I felt it was pointless to read words on a page when you could watch a movie or experience the stories for myself. Now, I realize the benefit of reading and found a few genres I really love reading.

From all the favorites videos I have watched on YouTube and a lot of recommendations from friends, I created a large list of books to read this summer.

So, of course my first step of this summer goal is to RENEW my library card. My younger years were filled with weekend trips to the library. To me at that time, even though I wasn’t too keen on reading, the library was huge and fun. Yesterday, walking into the library, I found it to be incredibly tiny from the last time I remembered it! Nonetheless, I was glad to be there.

And for my pick-ups. These two books have been on my list for a while now:

  • The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz
  • Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close

The Four Agreements is full of motivation and self-help. I have heard many many many people recommend this book! Plus, its a quick read!

Girls in White Dresses is a classic woman-driven realistic fiction novel. I love reading books like this because they are so relatable and light hearted when i’m getting ready for bed or starting my morning.

Anyways, there you go! The first steps of completing my summer goal. I advise all of y’all to go and get your library card. My library specifically has everything from movies, CDs, audiobooks, tons of eBooks, and magazines. You can check out all of this for free and will not be penalized as long as you renew it! Try it! Fun and cheap way to get your brain working during the summer.

I will definitely update y’all on my progress and create mini-reviews once I complete each book too, so look out!



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