Seven Youtube Channels That I Love to Watch

1. Jenn Im from @clothesencounters 

Jenn is probably my favorite Youtuber at the moment. She has a unique fashion style and not to mention an apartment in Los Angeles that is to die for! She is currently in a long distance relationship with her boyfriend Ben, an artist from London, and really loves to document her travels with vlogs and travel vlogs. She has gone all over the world and through her channel, you can see her adventures in Japan, Dubai, London, Korea, Singapore,and so much more.  Videos of hers that I love watching are her monthly favorites and her “Jenn goes to” series. Definitely check her out! She is such an intelligent, sweet girl that really does have great product recommendations.

2. Claire Marshall

Oh, another love of mine. I actually discovered of Claire through my mom! Claire is this kickass girl with a bunch of tattoos that also lives in Los Angeles and focuses on beauty and fashion. She was a professional makeup artist for a long time, which obviously shows in her product reviews and make up commentaries.  Everyone should really checkout her blog . She is where I get my inspiration from most of the time on this blog. What I actually love the most about Claire’s Youtube channel, though, are the videos where she is more personal . These kinds of videos allows her to share her down to earth and creative side. Here’s one that I love:


Oh I love love love this family. Many of you probably watch JudysLife which is another family vlog channel. I gush over the little things Emelia and Eduardo say and do. Plus, their parents are awesome and you could this family is built on a foundation of love. They live in England and in the videos you go with them throughout their whole day from the minute they wake up to the minute they go to bed. If you love cute little babies doing cute little things, you will have a blast watching the Saccone-Joly’s.

4. SamanthaMariaVlogs

Another vlog channel for you guys! Sammi and her fiancé Jason and their two bulldogs, Franklin and Riley are absolutely adorable. Sammi and Jason live in London and are founders of the clothing line Novem & Knight. You will go with them to meetings, little London coffee shops, and all throughout the world with these two! I might be biased, but they are the cutest couple on YouTube! 

5. Bonnyrebecca

This channel is a bit different from my normal daily channels. I discovered Bonny last summer and I am in love with her “what I eat in a day” videos. She’s the only channel I follow that talks about veganism and a healthy lifestyle. Even though I know I will not be vegan anytime soon, her videos inspire me to make more dishes that are colorful.

6. Krist Yu

Probably my newest add. Krist, short for Kristine, is an art school dropout that is exploring her own journey with art and digital media. Krist has so many great recommendations and tips, AND displays these things in a such a creative way. Here’s a little peek of what her videos look like: 

7. Damon and Jo
These two just get me on spiritual level when it comes to traveling. They are best friend  20-somethings that travel all over the world because they feel like it. Their motto is “Shut Up and Go” and their videos will grace you with insights to many languages and cultures. In each spot they visit, they give you tips and tricks of cheap sights and things to do. It’s inspiring how much money these two save and STILL get great experiences out of their travels. Plus, they are just downright hilarious in everything they do. Go check them out!


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