I just came back from another traveling experience with my love! First and foremost, I want to say that I am completely, utterly thankful that Kekoa and I can do the things we do. For normal long distance couples, things like this are rare. We have already visited seven states with each other in less than two months (granted, most of the states happened during this trip). But still! How amazing is that?

IMG_3719.JPGThis weekend, I was able to help Kekoa transfer to another naval base. He had to be fully checked in and moved in by this week. Before this weekend, he used some of his leave days to spend with family for the holidays and ALSO bought a new car. We decided that the best and smartest way to transport the car and his stuff to the new base was by car. It would’ve been way too much money to ship the car to Virginia and I can’t even think of all the risks and potential damages of the car if it were to be shipped. The only downside though: the trip was a bit over twenty hours in total! That’s a lot of driving for one person! What kind of girlfriend would I be if I let him do that alone? With great timing with work and school, and with great understanding by my parents, I was able to join him on this weekend’s journey across half of the country! It was a blast! We took about two days in total to drive, and also fit in a rest day at the end of the trip just to adjust and run a few errands before he had to return to work. The drive there mainly consisted of car time conversation, laughing, dancing, eating, and many hours of singing!

We are both airplane babies which meant our experiences with LONG (5+ hour) road trips were little to none. We did it though! We got through the sleepiness and got to our destination safely. Here are a few snap chats of our trip (thanks for documenting it babe!)

Our only rest stop was Atlanta, Georgia! Such a cute city. We just wanted to maybe grab something to eat, take a few pictures, and drive around downtown. So, that’s what the day started off as.


The plan was to not do anything too big or time consuming around Atlanta, but the aquarium was CALLING OUR NAMES. Georgia Aquarium is rated the best aquarium in the US and we couldn’t pass that up! Worth it? I think so! I have never in my life seen a Manta Ray or a Whale Shark as large as the ones in the tank on Saturday. So glad I could share something like that with Kekoa.

IMG_0376IMG_0385IMG_0381IMG_0386And now I’m here, on a flight back to Houston missing Kekoa like crazy. We have had so much time together in the past few months that he’s been home. Honestly, we don’t know exactly when we are going to see each other next, but we’re already on it! Hopefully timing is on our side next month.

Silly snapchats we sent to each other after he dropped me off at the airport…

We are already starting to save for our next big trip! Who knows where that will be? Maybe a weekend road trip to DC or New York in the springtime? Hawaii in the summertime? Till next time!

I wish him a smooth transition back into navy life and nothing but happiness in the time we will be apart. Spring semester starts next week already so I guess we’re both going back to reality.


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