Merry Christmas From Me to You

Merry Christmas guys! My holiday season has been GREAT so far and I am thankful for the time I am getting to spend with my loved ones. For the Eve, I attended mass with my family and my cousins. As per tradition, we waited in the busy iHop for hours for pancakes afterwards! Since my brother and I are a bit older now and we received most of our gifts before Christmas (like my camera and his shoes), our family opened gifts on the Eve.


The next day, I spent it with the people I love the absolute most in this world: my family and my love. This year was a little more special because Kekoa tagged along and became part of our Christmas family tradition. I have never done this before with any other person and I am thankful that my family allowed him to be a part of it this year and for the next years to come. My love for him only grows and it only just makes the Christmas season even more special with him there with me! So, we all picked Daddy’s Home as our Christmas movie, opened presents, and spent quality family time that night with basketball and Hawaiian food. This was the day all of my family got to meet Kekoa for the first time (which was nerve wracking yet exciting at the same time)! Overall, the night went well and it met the expectation of being my favorite day of the year once again.

This year, I encourage you all to spend more time with your family. Family is something that should be not only treasured, but also appreciated!


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