Semester Update

Fall semester is finally over at my new college and I am so relieved! This semester was taken as a “transition semester” so that I could adjust to the academic rigor of the college and to living at home again. I decided to take a total of 5 hours for the semester, which is incredibly low compared to my normal 16-17 hours. I found that with my 67 transfer hours, any other classes I would take aside from these two would be a waste of money since I am paying per credit hour and a waste of time. These two classes were demanding and did take a considerably large amount of my time, so I was also glad that I could devote my time to these two.

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 10.32.21 AM

Step 1 – Teaching Science & Math –

This class has such a warm place in my heart. In my past two years of college, I took classes towards a health science degree. I struggled my way through difficult chemistry classes and nonsense core classes, never taking any class towards my major. Step 1, however, provided me a hands-on approach towards my career. I was given the opportunity through this class to not only observe classrooms in my teaching certificate grade range, but also actually teach my students lessons in the curriculum. I loved loved loved that class and definitely would take it again if I could.

Calculus I – 

This class gave me all the worries in the world this semester. Previously, I would never struggle with math classes whatsoever. I found myself devoting days and days to finish a homework assignment or to clearly understand a lesson. No, this Cal class is not a traditional class. I signed up for a theory-based calculus class to help my teaching skills. So in addition to learning simple derivatives of trigonometric functions and quadratics, I would learn the theory and proofs behind them. I would also be tested on the proofs, which is unlike anything I have ever encountered before. I muscles through and earned an A in the class!

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 10.32.32 AM


When you transfer to my university, your previous GPA does not transfer over. At my past college I ended with a 3.96 GPA and now, I can proudly say I “raised” my GPA to a 4.0! Now I am totally ready for the challenges of next semester!



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