Hey, Disneyland

If anyone has seen my Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, or Facebook in the past few days, you would know that I spent the entire weekend at Disneyland with Kekoa! Of course, this trip took another thing off of my list:

☑ go to Disneyland with a best friend


And a best friend he is. There was no one else I would’ve wanted to share this experience with. I was truly the happiest girl in the world in the happiest place in the world! For months and months we both have dreamed and brainstormed over the idea that we could travel together. Kekoa and I have always been used to frequent traveling, and we always always had a place to go during the holidays. With our flight benefits, traveling has always come easy for our families and will continue to be at ease for our trips together. The one place Kekoa and I agreed upon from the beginning was Disney, whether that’d be Disneyworld or Disneyland. The magic of Disney is something I wish upon all of you!  Kekoa and I were squirming of excitement through every long ride line and every walk to the park. I am thankful that I have a man that is just as excited to ride the “baby rides” as I am and can be festive with matching Mickey and Minnie hats and buttons. He is truly one of the best travel partners. From driving all the way back to San Diego from Disney at night while I was sleeping to holding the umbrella through the 130 minute Space Mountain ride to even running to CVS at 3 am to buy me a contact case, I knew he could take care of me and be the absolute BEST person to be with on this trip. Please enjoy all the pictures below. We took some pretty great ones!




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