Garage Sale Blues

When selling old things to strangers, you realize the actual value of the items before you let them walk away for the last time. You find that the strangers who pay the two dollars will never see the memories, the laughs, the stories behind it. Your mind bends and you heart hurts giving these things away, but you figure it would not be healthy to keep everything and it would also not be very beneficial to others if you throw it away.

Then a wave of positively overwhelms your mind. You say, “Hey, a man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” You think of all the NEW memories the new owners will have, all the laughs, all the stories. Then, you realize giving things away isn’t so bad. There’s endless possibilities to where one bracelet or one shirt or even one piece of glassware will go. So let go of old things, embrace the new, and keep the memories alive.


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