Houston Local Spot | Market Street

Hello there! Since I have this beautiful new camera and I spent the entire day after my doctor’s appointment hunting for a dress for my boyfriend’s military homecoming, I figured I would take this baby out and take shots of a place that is common among locals in Houston. Just to get myself familiar with the functions of this camera you know? A few minutes never hurt! I hope to create more blog posts in the future about spots in Houston that I explore. This place is a regular in my book. I visit very often! Market Street is in The Woodlands, TX and is perfect for a little date night or a lunch/shopping day. It is outside of the hustle and bustle of downtown shopping, and it has everything from a movie theater to shops, restaurants, private boutiques, you name it. The best time to visit Market Street is conveniently during my favorite part of the year – Christmas! As you can see, this street is just as excited for the holidays as I am. From what I heard, the Christmas tree that shines in the center of the street is 16 feet tall. A very good place to take a picture with your boyfriend or best friend.

Here are a few favorites (inside of Market Street) that I would love to share:

Favorite Shops: Madewell, Lush, Francesca’s, Sur la Table

Favorite Restaurant: Berry Hill

Favorite Dessert: La Madeline’s Fruit Tarts

Favorite Sight: Christmas & Christmas lights around the shops

What I Love: The Environment (so laid back and slow jazz is heard throughout the whole street)


Thanks for reading!


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