Mid-Week inspiration

So, tonight I wrote in moleskin for the first time in DAYS! So unlike me, I know. I have just been so busy with school, work, church, studying, errands, etc. Anyways, writing an entry tonight made me think about how often I used to write in my moleskin and sparked my interest to read my past entries . I began reading my entries from weeks ago and even months and months ago, and reflecting on all of my past hardships really showed me how often things change. It reassured me that whatever I was struggling with weeks ago doesn’t even matter now and settled itself perfectly! In my moleskin, I write in depth about what i’m feeling, any major updates in my life, reflections, observations, and I add song lyrics and bible verses in there too when they are needed! While reading, my last moleskin, I found this page that was labeled “Encouragement Page.” This page was meant to give me a little confidence poster whenever I needed a little pick me up! I read it and I feel like many of you can relate to some of these, so please read:


  • hardworking
  • a part of an amazing family that cares about you
  • made to be unlike anyone else, so don’t ever apologize for who you are.
  • the daughter of the ONE TRUE KING
  • here on this earth to inspire and encourage, so do it!
  • young, and there are endless things to learn and experience. No rush!
  • loving – make sure you spread that love okay?
  • beautiful from the inside out honey, don’t believe otherwise!
  • PASSIONATE – utilize this trait and chase what you are passionate about.
  • out of your mind sometimes! Very hopeful though, which is great thing.
  • meant to MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Get started!
  • an individual, a leader NOT a follower

No one should be ashamed of being confident in themselves and pulling out the great things in yourself might help your confidence at the times you need it. Self-love babies! Try it.

Have a great week lovelies.

✽  Song Recommendation: E Piú ti penso // Andrea Bocelli and Ariana Grande


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