World of Dance Houston Twenty-Fifteen

Oh yes, that’s right! I attended a big name dance competition that is known all over the world, and had a blast at that. Dance used to be my all day everyday before the world of public school sports came into place, so this competition just sparked my love for dance and wanting to dance all over again.

The talent there was incredible, and three words: IT WAS LIT. The youth and adult division crews from all over the area had amazing music, choreo, themes, stage presence, everything. I went to WOD Houston this year, mainly, to support my friend Andre who is in Soreal’s DreamTeam right now. He was GREAT and I almost lost my voice from yelling the whole time.

At WOD, I got to me a lot of new people. The car I rode in pretty much was FULL with new friends that I didn’t know before AND… I got to meet Brian Puspos! We joked around and took a picture together, even though it was incredibly blurry haha.

The venue was a bit small, but WOD utilized the space well and it was more of an intimate experience compared to how Global Finals in LA looked like.

Overall, very good night with super cool people. Thanks Ral for the invite!


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