Faith Update + Reminder


With fall coming up, I know many of you are already stressed with the new semester. College, after two lucky years, is only now starting to become comfortable for me! This semester however, I am attending a new university, making new friends, and taking new and exciting classes. With everything that has been circling my mind lately and the busy-ness i’ve had in the past few weeks, sometimes I forget to set aside some of my time to focus on my relationship with God.

Spiritual focus is one of my goals this semester, and I feel that it is crucial between the ages of 18-25 to hold on and preserve my faith in God, even when many forces will pull me away from it. To establish a better focus, I have been trying my hardest to study the Bible more often. I have so many questions still even with my 18 years of knowledge and I am hoping that the Bible will not only deliver these answers, but will also show me direction in time of need. Around a week ago, I found a verse that really can apply to my life and many other lives around me. This verse (in the NIV translation) reads

In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps (Proverbs 16:9)

Basically an answer to my prayers at the time with just one verse! *Warning: about to get personal lol* I have been struggling the most with worrying about my future whether that be school, love, family, anything really. Probably very hypocritical since I decided to quote Proverbs 31:25 on the back of my graduation announcement. I strive to have that mindset (and my worrying is not everyday nor all the time), but I do have my times. On the outside, if you have known me for at least 30 minutes, I will look put together. I will look focused. I will look goal oriented. I will look prepared. I will look confident. And I am, but only a few people really know how mentally stressed out I am being this way. Worries fill my head more often that not. Can I do this? Am I even equipped to do this, or am I just kidding myself? Where will I be in 5 years? Do I have any back up plans? I ask myself all of these questions. At this very moment, I have my entire future practically thought out with all aspects in mind.

Proverbs 16:9 essentially tells me to take chill pill haha. I plan the way I want my life to go, but I need to remember that God’s will prevails and that He probably has something even greater for me and my life. So why worry if God has us all figured out? This verse teaches me to be open to His changes, and to follow and be okay with the way He wants my life to go. Things might not go the way I plan it to go, but I have to be trusting that He knows what is best. The fact that He will “direct my steps” also shows me that he will support and help me through my struggles along the way and that I should not be scared because He will show me the way.

So if you are struggling with the same kind of thing, remember this verse. It will help you out!

And since we are talking about faith, I figured I would give you a little faith update and something very new and exciting in my life. Yesterday, I dove into the life of music ministry. Every Wednesday, at one of the parishes I attend, there is a youth night for all high school students in the area. There you find fellowship, talks, scripture reading, adoration, and group discussions. The youth minister there, Alex, who is the man behind, does a phenomenal job with relating to the teens and truly addressing the real questions and issues of high school Christians. Please click the link and learn more about him if you are interested. He is incredible! I look up to his man and because of him, I was given the opportunity to join another worship leader at youth night yesterday to sing a couple songs after Alex’s talk. The last time I sang in front of people on mic was… man… two/three years ago? Surprisingly enough though, I fell like I fit in pretty perfectly as if I was meant to be there. If you have ever been a part of a praise and worship session, you know how deeply spiritual you feel. Lights off, focused on God, just you, and the music. Being behind the mic just amps that feeling up x100. You feel even more so connected to God and I finally felt like I was joining a family at the church. It was an honor and be apart of these teens spiritual lives even for 20 minutes. So shout out to Alex! Very good night all together!

Alright, so that’s about it for now. Just figured i’d share! I am trying to update my blog as often as possible to document my life for y’all and for myself as well, so stay tuned for more updates! Other than that, have a great day everyone!


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