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So lately, I have felt very uninspired and at a stand still creatively. I want to be able to post content on this blog regularly because it ultimately gives me joy and is one of many ways I choose to express myself. Every week, I said. So, in order to fulfill the promise, I decided to search for a blog post idea that would not only be interested for the readers, but also interesting  for me to write about. Searching through my phone and Pinterest today, I realized that I haven’t done a blog post dedicated to food yet. Coincidentally, I found that there are so many great quality pictures of my meals and snacks that I neglected to post in the past. So voila! Please don’t tell me that I should be ashamed of taking this many pictures of food, I already know honey. Yes my love for food might be embarrassing, but I do take pride in the food that I eat and indulge in the entire experience. I will also include little stories of the days that I consumed this wonderful food, location or website links of the places, and specific details of what I enjoyed about the experience if I care to share. Enjoy!

(3/15/15) The Life-Changing, No I’m Not Kidding, Life-Changing Breakfast

Oh what a great day this was! This fabulous meal was at the well known Bread Winners Cafe in North Park Mall in Dallas, Texas. Mom, Laynie, and I were searching for a great breakfast place in the area after a long day of BeautyCon Texas the day before AND honestly, every single bite that I took out of this meal was heaven in my mouth. Even the scrambled egg, which most would figure would taste the same as any other egg, was extraordinary in my eyes. The portion of this meal in particular that begs for me to visit Dallas for just a couple hours to eat there is the fresh squeezed orange juice. If you guys know me, I used to not be a fan of real orange juice (which at that time meant anything other than Sunny D) at all. This orange juice was truly the best orange juice I have ever had in my life. There is nothing more to say about this picture than visit Bread Winners Cafe when you have time! It’s next to a really good mall, so if you’re looking for another activity to go with eating, I suggest shopping.

Details – Fresh Strawberries and Cream Waffle w/ “Add 2 Egg” Option, Fresh Orange Juice

(3/29/15) The College Student Frappuccino Necessity

Hi, my name is Jordyn and I am addicted to fraps… guilty. This photo was taken on a late Sunday morning at a Starbucks after Palm Sunday Mass. Last semester, as many of y’all know, I lived away from home in dorms. College grew my independence and responsibility, which ultimately meant that I would have to drive myself to church on Sundays. So that is what I did, and knowing that the nearest Starbucks was so close to the church, I decided to go there a few Sundays after church to do last minute homework assignments/reading there and to accompany me… I would get a quick bite to eat and also a frap to compliment my productive attitude. Palm Sunday was specifically one of these Sundays.

Details – Tall Java Chip Frappuccino

(4/18/15) – The Birthday Request

Lately, within my age of teens in Houston, Torchy’s Tacos has been a popular foodie spot to go to. I had an idea what Torchy’s entailed beforehand, and I was craving crepes for my birthday, so my family and I decided to try out Torchy’s as a “before-crepe-meal.” I was thoroughly impressed! I think my love for Kalua Pig really got me to try a taco with pulled pork and I was in love. This isn’t a normal Taco Cabana taco or anything. The flavors are put together so well. Would recommend if looking for a quick eat.

Details – The Democrat Taco (U), Green Chile Pork Taco (L), Salsa, and Tortilla Chips

(4/19/15) – The Buy and Try

Senior picture day, man that seems like so long ago! I took senior pictures around Rice University downtown and we decided that since we were already deep into downtown (and because it was still my food-filled birthday weekend), that we should go try a new food place in Bellaire. We decided to try tonkotsu ramen at a Japanese restaurant and a new boba place, which might I add was TO DIE FOR. The slushie was perfect and the boba was icy, the way I like it. I wish I knew the restaurant’s name, but the name was entirely in Japanese. As for the ramen, I didn’t care for the broth as much as other places, but the Chicken Karaage won me over because I am always in the mood for Chicken Karaage. Fairly cheap as well!

Details – Tonkotsu Ramen w/ Chicken Karaage

(5/7/15) – The Mid-School Day Senior Trip

By this time of the semester, the girls and I were closely approaching finals week. Papers and assignments were due left and right, there were multiple tests in one week, and graduation was right around the corner. Let’s just say, my floor was complete chaos. Since we were all practically insane, and not to mention mentally exhausted, at this point of the semester, many of my friends and I decided to take a quick trip to Rao’s to relieve at least some of our stress. I will always and forever love fruit tarts, so the decision to risk the press for time was an easy one. The mini fruit tart’s filling is perfection and the fruit on top balances the flavors to where it’s naturally sweet, not overwhelmingly chocolate cake sweet haha. Very great snack to tie me over till dinner time.

Details – Mini Fruit Tart and a Cup of Strawberry Gelato

(5/21/15) – The “Did I Come for the Nightstand or the Food?”

I know everyone knows what this is… the beautiful Ikea . I believe this trip to Ikea was for a cheaper priced nightstand to compliment my new bedroom decor, and I know this gigantic store is known for their cheap and reliable indoor and outdoor furniture prices, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to go to Ikea for the food. The Swedish Meatballs are by far the most popular item on the menu and it’s hard to resist the “add 6 more meatballs” option every single time I go up to order. Sometimes furniture shopping can be a long and tedious process, therefore, why not fill up on Swedish Meatballs to boost your attitude? The chocolate cake, I know, is not a necessity to lunch… but goodness it is totally perfect with the meatballs.

Details – Swedish Meatball Meal w/ Cranberry Sauce, Chocolate Cake, Salted Caramel and Pecan Cheesecake

(5/23/15) – The Perfect Sharing Meal

So as of that day, I had been out from school for a week or two and my summer just started. I had birthday money that wasn’t spent and I was too busy to shop before just because my birthday, prom, graduation, finals, move-out, everything happened in less than two months. Finally, I felt free from everything that was giving me stress, so my grandma and I had a mall day. She had never had Panera, so I decided to take her. We had shared a “You Pick Two” meal with half of a Sierra Turkey Sandwich and a half Caesar Salad. It was perfect tasting like anything I ever get from Panera haha! Definitely recommending when you just want a little, filling lunch.

Details – Half Sierra Turkey Sandwich, Half Caesar Salad

(6/11/15) – The Airport Blues Meal

On the 11th, I believe that I was at LAS trying to fly back to Houston after my Las Vegas trip. As I said in one of my past blog posts, I was really sick and not feeling well during the trip. By the 11th, however, I did feel significantly better. We started the morning by checking out of North Point, our hotel/casino, and headed straight to the airport to try to catch the first flight to Houston that day. Sadly, since we do fly standby, we did not make it on the plane. The other options we could take whether it was through a direct flight or even through multiple points wasn’t for another four hours, so my Aunty and Uncle picked us up and took us to a new ramen place in the area (Monta Ramen). The broth was kind of interesting, but nonetheless, I definitely enjoyed it.

Details – Tonkotsu Ramen

(6/13/15) – The Love of My Life

So believe it or not two days later I was in Hawai’i taking pictures of my food! The story was – my mom and I flew back to Houston, slept, repacked, and was on another plane the next day (way less than 24 hours) to Hawai’i. I love these kind of travel adventures and I am honestly so incredibly lucky to be able to do this! When I visit back home, I love to get an acai bowl from Lanikai Juice with my family, especially before a day of swimming! If it were to choose one thing to eat for breakfast every morning, it would definitely be this. Since acai bowls are considered a west coast trend, I figured I would explain this beauty in detail. This acai bowl is called the “Acai Original,” which essentially has acai blended with banana, strawberries, blueberries, and apple juice. Sounds great huh? Just ask the register to add honey to the top and I promise your mind will be blown. Such a great, fresh meal to start the day.

Details – Acai Originial in regular

(6/13/15) – The Post-Swim Snack

Same day! So to continue with the day… after Lanikai Juice, my mom, my grandma, and I headed to my great grandparent’s house to just spend quality time with them and to also help them out with anything they needed to do around their house. As always, I was asked if I was swimming in their pool because having the grandchildren in their pool gives them such joy. Plus, who can turn down their beautiful pool and view? For the rest of the day, we all took naps on the couch, I swam a little, and I just was focused on giving them all the lovin’ I could possibly give. Such a great day and i’m so happy that i’m old enough to truly cherish my time with them. They are incredible people. Sadly, the visit had to end, but to refresh our chlorine bodies, we decided to go to my favorite shave ice place – Ewa Seed Company. I’ve been missing good quality shave ice, so this definitely hit the spot while I was there.

Details – Keiki Size Lychee and Guava Shave Ice


(6/26/15) – The Boba Fix

This photo was taken the day after I flew into to DFW for my brother’s select baseball World Series. I’ve tried a lot of boba in the past year i’d say and this one was by far the best boba place yet. As you can tell, I got this drink from Boba World in Lewisville, Texas. A few minutes before this picture, my entire family had been sweating their balls off for i’d say two and a half hours. The Dallas sun is no joke! This boba slushie was so icy and the boba was icy too, which is my special preference. If you’re ever in the area, try it out! The shop was never crowded the prices were fairly reasonable.

Details – Passion Fruit Slushie w/ Tapicoa

(6/26/15) – The Unexpected Find

Normally, when we Vegas to visit family, we find the BEST Japanese food. When you live in the south, you find it a bit more difficult to find authentic Asian food whether that is Japanese, Chinese, Korean, anything. This place though surprised all of us! The menu had everything from specialty sushi rolls to nigiri to even bento boxes. As the proud Japanese girl I am, I obviously reverted to the kastu and a little bowl of egg drop soup to soothe the itchy throat! Very yummy and VERY VERY filling.

Details – Rice, Broccoli, Chicken Katsu

(6/27/15) – The “I Guess I’m From Texas” Cajun Meal

Even though I am team Hawai’i at heart in very many aspects, I gotta give Texas for introducing me to cajun food. I didn’t have the chance to take a picture of my Crawfish Etoufee, but I did get to capture the yummy oysters. The oysters were cooked and seasoned so simply with a little bit of cheese, green onions, butter, and garlic (like I like it)! The plate of I’d say a dozen oysters came with the same bread that is given with the entrees and with the bread… let me just say AMAZING. I also hadn’t had oysters in a long time, so it was very nice to have them again.

Details – Dozen Oysters from Razoo’s


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