History in the Making | Fight for Equality

A momentous day for many! This morning, the United States Supreme Court decided to legalize gay marriage in all 50 states with a vote of 5-4. I was so overjoyed to see the “BREAKING NEWS” banner on the news this morning and the footage of many individuals fighting for their martial freedom! In my eyes, this day not only marked a turning point for the LGBT community, but also a turning point for the US and their constant fight for equality among the citizens. I am heterosexual. Many are heterosexual as well. Heterosexuality is obviously more respected among the country than homosexuality, and many heterosexuals are blind of the oppression that many homosexuals are facing. I am writing to speak out that I am not one of these individuals. I can see the oppression clearly even through my “straight eyes,” the hurt in my best friend’s eyes when he cannot marry his fiance in our state, the protestors on the news fighting for their freedom, the constant hate many of the LGBT community face by complete strangers.

Yes, I am Catholic. And in the words of the beautiful Pope Francis, which I gladly tweeted this afternoon, “If someone is gay and searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge.” I believe in LOVE over all. I believe that God made each and every one of his creations with a plan and unconditional love. Honestly, it doesn’t necessarily surprise me anymore when people confront me when they know I am Christian and proceed to tell me all of the horrifying encounters they have experienced. Many Christians I even known of personally continue to take part in a life of hatred, and what I respond to the comforters is that they haven’t met the right Christians yet. I know for sure that hate is discouraged in the Bible, therefore, I refuse to take part in it. Many have made this decision without hesitation either. I just hope that Christians in this country can at least show respect for all beings and can love the way God loves them. That is my take and opinion on religion and today’s event.

President Obama’s tweet this morning after the Supreme Court decision.

I believe ultimately that everyone should at least be able to marry who they want to marry without governmental interference. Just listening to the speech of the Ohio man who can now place his name on his partner’s death certificate and even seeing pictures on social media of elderly women in wheelchairs in court to marry each other once the bill was passed, my heart is happy on this day. Now my friends can marry their chosen partners. All I hope for is further actions towards equality in other identifying fields such as gender and race. We all know how supportive I am of equal pay in America! Hopefully this worldwide movement can open up the minds of many and can encourage others to spread love. Go equal opportunity!


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