Summer Goals + Inspiration + a Playlist

The sun is shining (well not in Houston yet, sadly) and the crop tops and high-waisted shorts are back! That only means one thing: hello summer! I hope you are all as pumped about this time of year as I am. Summer is supposed to be the time of exploring, live music, cold water, bbqs, and a bunch of great friends… so, you can say that my expectations are already pretty high. In ode to the summer time, here are five goals (along with some inspiration photos) that I have made for these next few months:

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 10.01.00 PM

routinecollageRoutines, routines, routines! So, this summer goal is all about finding skin care, health, and fitness routines. For the next couple months, I will be finding products that work well with my skin, hair, and body, exercising regularly, and experimenting with healthy recipes in order to get myself back in my healthy kick again. Throughout my freshman and sophomore year of college, I started to “go down the deep end” in terms of health. Greasy pizza, believe it or not, is not a healthy dinner every night and skipping face masks is not very beneficial to the body either. It is crucial, especially while my skin and body is young, to take care of my body in preparation for the future so why not start now?

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 10.02.57 PM


One of my favorite goals: Exploring and picture-taking. Since I just moved back to Houston a week ago, it is time for me really take advantage of this city to the fullest. I want to find new coffee shops, cafes, antique stores, boutiques, food trucks, activities, parks – everything Houston can give me. In addition, not only do I want to find these places, but I also want to document all of my adventures through pictures and share those pictures so that others can try the new things as well. Traveling is one of my many passions. I love culture especially and everything included in culture such as language, community, fashion, art, and music. A city so ethnically diverse like Houston must be full of culture that I haven’t explored yet and this summer should be the time to witness it.

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 10.05.03 PM


So, i’m sure all of y’all know from my last post that I graduated a little more than two weeks ago. Graduating and turning eighteen definitely calls for a change, a transition. My first act of transition – changing my bedroom. Going home on the weekends this semester and panning between a college dorm room and the bedroom that has remained the same since I was 12 or 13 definitely was a funny thing to see. You see, this bedroom once had Build-A-Bears, ten-year-old trophies, a bookshelf full of silly chapter books, and Taylor Lautner posters. Now, it has an aesthetic pretty similar to the inspiration picture above and is “really white” as my mom likes to say. This is only one aspect of my transition into adulthood, however. For the past week, I have been cleaning out my closet, my bookshelf, and all other aspects in my room that seem far away to my current interests.

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 10.10.29 PM


Throughout this spring semester, my academic workload was so extensive that it was actually pretty difficult to fit in things like reading, writing, and making music. Now that classes are over and grades are finally in, I can use my off days to focus on the other half of my brain for a change. If any one knows me well enough, they would agree that I encourage and value writing and journaling. With an empty moleskin, a pen, and a maybe a guitar for musical inspiration, the possibilities are truly endless! I promise, I could spend hours just writing out my thoughts. My goal is to ultimately write more songs, to read as many books as I can, and to fill my moleskin completely with journal entries and creative ideas.

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 10.11.30 PM


On Friday, I discovered how great it was to meet new people. I guess since i’ve been living with the same people for two years, it was a bit difficult to branch out again. Now, this time, I found it refreshing to see new faces and to learn new personalities! Starting in the fall, all of my best friends are going off to new schools that are hours and hours away from mine. I cannot hang out with them every night anymore, so it was nice to meet more people my age that have the same interests that I have. Overall, the night was filled with a lot of laughs and great conversation. So happy with how that night turned out, I tweeted “great night, great people” to express my gratitude for their welcoming personalities. This is what I want more of. I want exploration and adventure with great people. To really get out of my comfort zone and to spend more nights out meeting people than cooped up in my bed watching Scandal, you know?

So yeah! There you go! This is what I hope y’all will see of me this summer. Of course I will be blogging all throughout the summer and updating y’all on the progress of these goals as well as progress of my “attainable bucket list.” If you want to check the list out, it should be available to read on the top pink bar of this blog. Read it, maybe you will find inspiration. One last thing:

Summer Playlist

Here is playlist that might get y’all in the mood for summer. It’s a mixture of pretty much everything – rap, reggae, rock! Feel free to follow me on 8tracks as well as all my other social media.

underneath the palm trees ☼ from lovelylittleroses on 8tracks Radio.

 Other than that, wish me luck! I love you all! Have a great start to your summer!

✽ Song Recommendation: Halo x J.P. Cooper


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