BeautyCon Dallas!

Hello lovies! Welcome to Dallas, and also welcome to my first travel log! This weekend, overall, was filled with a lot of shopping, makeup, eating, laughs, and screaming. It was a great few days to start up my spring break of my senior year, and I am so thankful for everything that happened this weekend. So without further adieu, let’s start this log by summarizing day by day:

Saturday (3/14/15 or Pi Day haha): Beauty Con 

Rising up out of bed with the frantic shakes of “oh no, we didn’t set out alarm,” my cousin Laynie and I rushed to get ready for the well anticipated BeautyCon Dallas. This convention, known normally for their shows in Los Angeles, houses common makeup venders and also includes panel sessions with famous YouTube and other social media personalities. After an hour or so of prep and pack, we headed out to start the road trip.

Laynie and I in the car, on our way to BeautyCon Dallas.

BeautyCon time! The tickets were scanned from our phones, bags were checked, and we finally entered into the convention at around 11 in the morning. Though there were many long lines that in my mind resembled Disneyland, we still had a great time. Stands from NYX, Tarte, BirchBox, Tattoo Junkie, were running and on each side of the convention warehouse, there were two stages that manned panels for serveral talks and meet and greets that were scheduled for the day.

The “Building A Brand Online” panel ft. Weylie Hoang, Leigh-Ann, Makeup by Mandy, MacDaddy, etc.

Now for the highlight of the day: getting to meet the famous Weylie Hoang from WahlieTV and ilikeweylie on YouTube. If you haven’t heard of her, I advise you to watch her videos and also the vlogs of her and her boyfriend Wah. They are the cutest! Weylie, by far, is one of my favorite Youtubers and I get a lot of style tips from her. I am so thankful that I got the opportunity to meet this amazing girl and the other people on the panel, as well as Jeanine Amapola and the well known @Mac_Daddyy and his fierce eyebrow and contour game.

Weylie and I at the meet and great session after her panel. The sweetest girl ever!

Lastly, to end our day, we picked up a 1/4 lb burger to ease our grumbling stomachs. With great thanks to the Yelp, we found this great hipster-like burger joint called Uncle Uber’s Sammich Shop in the Art District.

The logo graffiti-ed on the side of the building.

Let me tell you, there is nothing like a really good Mushroom and Swiss burger after a long day of riding in the car and walking. Fairly good pricing for the quality of burger and it went down well with a side of fries and a lemonade.

Mushroom, melted swiss, lettuce, tomatoes, and mayonnaise.

Sunday (3/15/15): Shopping Day

Sunday was definitely a lot more relaxed than the day prior to it. For once in about a week and a half, I was given the peace and quiet to sleep in till about 11:00 am (which is considered “late” to me). This was a blessing in itself to be honest! But what was even more a blessing was the fabulous breakfast from the award winning Breadwinners restaurant.

Logo on the panels surrounding the restaurant.
A sneak peak of the menu and cafe area of the restaurant.
(L-R) A side of 2 scrambled eggs, fresh squeezed orange juice, strawberries and creme waffle.

Now this is not an exaggeration. From the freshly squeezed pulp infused orange juice to the perfectly buttery side of scrambled eggs, this meal was a life changer in itself. So much that it deserved 4 pictures I guess! For the rest of the day, us girls spent a well deserved five or so hours of shopping. Other than the drive home, that pretty much sums up our trip.

Overall, this weekend had many highlights and will definitely be one to remember. If you have any questions regarding food or hotel recommendations, please be free to comment on the post!


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