Well hello readers! I would like to formally welcome you to my probably third or fourth “new blog” of my lifetime: Lovely Little Roses. Blogger, sadly, did not provide the right format nor the customizability that I was looking for when envisioning the perfect blog. No worries though! WordPress came in and saved the day. Like the last blog, I will mostly post life updates and photographs so look out for those. I am still figuring out how to use this site so bear with me!

Overall, I feel like I am starting a new chapter in my life and what better thing to do than document every possible second of it? My views, my tastes, my style, and even my interests are changing day by day. Ask me how many times I’ve changed my field of study in the past two years! I, like every other college student, am just figuring it all out, so be prepared for contradictions and insightful messages that probably will make little to no sense lol. It’s crazy because I fell as if I am in that stage of my life where everything is just inspiring and worthy of appreciating. But believe me, I am not naïve to everything. I know. There will be bad days and times where nothing will seem inspiring to me, and this blog will be there for me to write on those days as well. Lovely Little Roses, in my eyes, will eventually show my growth and progression over the years that I intend to blog. So please! Read the posts, watch the videos, look at the pictures, listen to my music, comment on my entries, and contact me anytime. I am of open ears to anyone who would like to talk. Thanks for reading!


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